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Release a ICS beta Spotify

Status: Implemented

Ok so I release Spotify obviously wont want to give us a formal estimate of when the new app will be out. I understand that companies don't want to make promises they cannot keep, and saying they only want to release it when it is right is spot on.


On the other hand Spotify just doesn't work for ICS Android users. Previously Spotify have released a number of experimental and beta builds. So how about it Spotify? Get us an ICS compatible experimental beta and then all of us whingers on the Android forums can actually help by providing feedback.


And if it doesn't work well? Who cares as it doesn't work for us now anyway!


I got Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich (iow. Android 4.0), spotify working just fine...


I assume that ICS stands for Ice Cream Sandwich?


Cool. Really hope that continues for you. But for most people running ICS they have some limited functionality but tend to have problems as time goes on. Syncing offline playlists is a big bugbear for a lot of folks.




Feedback from Spotify about this case would be nice. 


if you look at there Job offers, i think they even don't have any developers for Android. Than i understand why Spotify don't say anything.




Well they do say there are people working on the new app. So hopefully the job application is in order to be more speedy from now on. Fingers crossed eh?


what is problem pals? I am using Spotify on my ics just fine?
Status changed to: Implemented

Just discussing this on another thread. Are we "nearly there yet" on a final commercial release. If not any chance of a new beta showing us a bit more of where oyu guys have got too?