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Repeat TRACK Mode!


Repeat track mode is now available
Thanks to everyone for your support helping me get Spotify to add this! 😃 


Daniel Ek told me in person that Repeat One is his favorite Spotify feature. 



Why isn't there an option to just repeat a track? I hate having to place a song in a playlist of its own, and then put it on repeat which just repeats the playlist. People have been suggesting you add this feature for years now!


EVERY music app should have this feature! This feature should be on all the Spotify apps across all platforms.


Add it to the same button as now with a 3-step repeat mode:

2. Repeat TRACK

3. Repeat OFF


My mockup of what this would look like in the iPad app (similar for desktop and other mobile devices):



My Comments:


If Spotify wants to compete with the competition, they need to add this basic feature!


It worries me that Spotify hasn't implemented this popular simple idea from 4 years ago, but instead they implement more complex newer ideas.


If you ask some people -- this has been a request since the launch of Spotify.


I love Spotify, but it hurts that a simple feature like this gets passed up every time new features are rolled out.


I feel like I'm living in the 1990s with no repeat track mode anywhere to be found within Spotify.


This is a basic feature and it's being looked at like a grain of salt. 


I comb through Twitter search every day and a lot of people are very confused on how the repeat mode works so I link them to this idea.


I've referred 50+ people now to the link... some didn't know that it only repeated the playlist.


This is very confusing for a lot of people, especially newcomers.


Oh and look at all of these confused people:


News articles that agree:

This has just been implemented for everyone using Spotify (0.9.7 and up) on their desktop. Thanks to Matt for the suggestion and so many others who gave this idea their kudos!

THIS IS MISSING ON CURRENT IOS VERSION! WHY?? It is idiotic that this was never NOT a feature on mobile. But now it's disappeared! Any reason?


I always made use of the repeat track when I was listening to a song that I really loved,or if I was just trying to figure out the chords and lyrics as I'm a musician myself.For the past couple of months the repeat track mode won't function for me at all.I commented about this same issue several weeks ago  and I'm still waiting for someone to look into it or at the very least tell me why it isn't working anymore.


What Happened to the repeat track option now? No where obvious on the latest update and I used it daily


Where is the repeat track option???  I like to listen to white noise and many of the tracks are 2 minutes or less!  I don't want it to change tracks when I find a good white noise track.




When will the "repeat playlist" be available for cellphone or tablet use?


so what happened to the repeat button?? I always had my playlist repeat at night when I sleep and now I can't find it so much for 0.9.7 and UP! Unless I'm just not finding it which I dont think is the case.I really want it back it was really nice not touching my computer like I used to with Pandora!!!


Why was this taken away from the web player?


people, people. why did I just write this comment? I could've written it before. welp. GIVE INFINITE REPEAT TRACK! +11111111 VOTES ON IT!



its not work properly stupid button!


Can we get this for iOS when listening to the spotify radio? It's frustrating having to stop the radio playlist and go to the artist or album to repeat songs..