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Replying to Inbox messages

I have a number of tracks in my inbox from friends who have shared music with me. Each track has a speech bubble that provides me with my friends comments about the track. This is great however the option to reply is missing! I would love to be able to reply with my thoughts about the track, whether I liked it or not etc. Thus, a conversational thread could be attached to individual tracks that have been shared. Thoughts? Feelings?

Hello everyone. Spotify here. We're excited to announce the brand new Messages feature currently being rolled out on all platforms. Messages allows you to group all of the music you've sent to and from people within Spotify, as well as browse these messages in a conversation view. You can even reply back with just text to help you keep the conversation going around music. Please share any feedback you have in the comments and enjoy the music!

Someone just sent me a song.  That was so nice of them.  I want to THANK them!  I want to tell them how much I liked the song.  I want to send them a song in response.  


Any sort of ability to reply to a song/message sent by another user would be amazing.  I hate having to go to Facebook to respond to a message.  It's inconvenient.  I have spotify open all the time.  I rarely have Facebook open.  


Great idea.


I think this is really important. When my friends send me a song, I want to be able to tell them what I liked/disliked about the track, so in the future they send me songs that more fit my musical tastes.


It seems nuts they they went to the trouble to send to a friend, but not reply with "Cool, check this other track out that's similar".  I hope they add this social hook soon.


And why not add that these comments can also be shared with the artists if one may wish to do so? 


I think messaging within spotify would be most excellent... perhaps it would be tied back, or rooted into facebook chat.  Im not sure how that would work.

Though im not sure that sharing the conversation with the artist is appropriate...


could be irrelevant or private information in there.


Is this forum a place where we actually hear back from developers? It would be great to get some official words about our ideas or even better - an ETA! :Smiley Very Happy


Totally agree, a reply otion would be great.  

And also a sent items folder - I keep losing track of what I've shared with who... 

Otherwise, I love Spotify Smiley Happy





I'm thinking about merging things like replying to tracks and comments on tracks together. This seems like one of the most popular threads. Is everyone fine with this? Having all these ideas together allows us to easily track, and the number of kudos all together makes it a little more visible in terms of popularity.  


I don't use Facebook so I would like to see improved communication tools within the spotify communication center.  When my friends send me a song in Spotify with a comment I really would like to be able to reply right there with a comment.  Also, I would like a sent song box so I would know if I have already sent a specific song to a certain person.