Resume playing on different device

Status: Implemented

Example: I'm enjoying a song at home and need to leave. This common situation is encountered by every Spotify user!


Wouldn't it be great to pick up in the middle of a song exactly where it was playing on my phone? When Spotify mobile comes up there should be a button that allows me to "steal the listening session" from my laptop and immediately start playing. It should continue playing through whatever playlist or search I had started on my laptop.

Hey folks, this has been implemented with the rollout of Connect across moble devices as well as Desktop. 



This would only work if you were online on both devices.


For example: If you are listening to your laptop (online) in the office, then by the time you got to your car and plugged in, your mobile device would need to be online in order to know what you were just listening to. In this case, Spotify knows what your last song was, but cannot inform your mobile while it's in offline mode (and mine is most of the time to avoid data charges).


I think you have a cool idea. But only works (easily) if both devices are online (at least from the first and last song played)


This is true, but Spotify could still ping the network even if playing in "offline" mode. The phone is still connected to teh cellular network, unless you have turned that off in some unusual circumstance. Netflix and HuluPlus do a reasonable job of implimenting this idea. I don't see a reason why Spotify couldn't do so, also. Your playlists are in the cloud, already. I imagine it would be a simple addition of tracking your place when quiting or pausing (i.e. playlist/track/timepoint) and adding it to your profile's database.


By virtue of being on a mobie phone I'd assume that it has a network connection. The great thing about Spotify is that it already has the capability to detect when its being used from another device. Having an option to "steal a listening session" could augment this capability.


Very frequently I am sitting at my computer enjoying a Spotify playlist and need to get up and go somewhere. It would be amazing to be able to plug my headphones into my iPhone and carry on listening from where I left off.


This may have been asked for already, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Spotify already tracks whether another device is using the same Spotify account elsewhere, therefore perhaps it wouldn't be too hard to sync the track/playlist location when moving from device to device?



I'm thinking it would be great to be half way through a playlist or an album on your phone and then move straight on to your laptop without having to find your place again.

  I listen to Spotify on my home and work computers and it would be great to have the active session linked between any device (including computers) that my account logs into.  Currently I use a special playlist to save new songs I have queued but haven't listened to yet as a workaround.


You are working at the office listening to your favorite band but it's time for you to go home. How cool would be to be able to just open spotify on your smartphone and continue playing the song you were listening? The other way around will also be very interesting.


This sounds like the same thing as "Resume playing on different Device".  Suggest merging the ideas.




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I´ve just merged these two ideas since they were requesting the same thing. Thats the reason why the kudos amount increased .


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