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[Samsung] Connect for Samsung TV

I'm so disappointed with the quality of the Spotify app for Samsung TV and Roku devices. Clunky doesn't even begin to describe it. Yet, with YouTube I can seamlessly stream any video from my Android phone to either device in seconds and by simply clicking a cast button in the upper right hand corner. I'd really appreciate it if Spotify would upgrade to include the same kind of connectivity with these devices. I simply can't understand why this feature does not already exist. Because it doesn't, I'm considering whether I should cancel my subscriptiona and find another service that does what I want.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community!


We can confirm that we support Connect on Samsung Tizen TVs, so we'll update this Idea's status!

> Make sure your Samsung Smart TV (2015 and later models) and your Spotify device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

> Go to Samsung Apps on the TV's home screen.

> Search for Spotify - install and open!

For more info, check out:

Many thanks.


Need ot be able to connect with my Samsung Smart TV so I can listen on my sound system


I have bought a Samsung ju6445 TV and sound bar.  Am extremely disappointed to find that it is incompatible with Spotify.  Please Samsung correct this FAULT!


please Spotify, make it posible so i can use my iphone sync with the tv app from samsung


Please implement this! The user interface of the tv app is terrible, and buying yet another device is just a poor workaroud suggestion for something that should have been there from the start of Connect.

I love Spotify and Connect, you are doing a great job, but shortcomings like this is incredible annoying for a user.


This is something I can't understand.. everone knows how bad tv ui is and tv remote control is bad hid for app like this. Adding this little feature would solve this ridiculous problem..


Guys I got my best speakers connected to Samsung Smart TV. I need this feature badly. Hope you guys make it soon, we're counting on you. 



Please add Spotify Connect to Samsung TV. When I became Premium user I was very happy that I could control Spotify from my Samsung Galaxy S5 on my Samsung Bluray. I was very dissspointed when I realised that feature is not implemented 😞


My whole family are premium subscribers under a different username to this currently.  We have x3 Samsung smart TVs and finding it very confusing that Spotify has said it is now an app yet it does not appear that way, unless I am drastially missing something.  Is it available? if so please tell me how I can get it without having to spend more money on an Apple TV to stream the music.  For $17.99 per month, surley this feature is possible.  My Music & Pandora are available, why not Spotify??


I'd like this as well. Manually going through spotify with a remote is something you wouldn't even want for your worst enemy. 


Hi everybody, 


well... you're all right: it's pretty horrible using your remote control to navigate throughout the interface on the Spotify app on Samsung SmartTV but... we cóuld be happy that there ís a Samsung-app. However, it started irritating me when I was listening to some tunes on my Smart TV and my girlfriend in the other room started playing on my iPad some music on Spotify.. first we couldn't figure out what the problem was and why the TV suddenly stopped producing tunes. We figured out that you (obviously) couldn’t play multiple songs on multiple devices at the same time with only one premium-account. So, not only the navigation is quite hard with a remote control on a TV but also the visibility of not seeing that someone’s using the same Spotify-account is very hard. I do agree with all of my fellow comrades here that it would be absolutely amazing if the Spotify-connect option would be implanted on Samsung SmartTV (and of course there’s the luxurious addition of entering song titles/artists with your phone/tablet, not having to stand up when you need to change a tune…;-) 


Greetings from the Netherlands,

Mathijs (and 3 friends of him with the same ‘issue’)