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[Samsung] Connect for Samsung TV

I'm so disappointed with the quality of the Spotify app for Samsung TV and Roku devices. Clunky doesn't even begin to describe it. Yet, with YouTube I can seamlessly stream any video from my Android phone to either device in seconds and by simply clicking a cast button in the upper right hand corner. I'd really appreciate it if Spotify would upgrade to include the same kind of connectivity with these devices. I simply can't understand why this feature does not already exist. Because it doesn't, I'm considering whether I should cancel my subscriptiona and find another service that does what I want.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community!


We can confirm that we support Connect on Samsung Tizen TVs, so we'll update this Idea's status!

> Make sure your Samsung Smart TV (2015 and later models) and your Spotify device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

> Go to Samsung Apps on the TV's home screen.

> Search for Spotify - install and open!

For more info, check out:

Many thanks.


What's the status of this?


I bought a new Samsung TV today and I can control it using Spotify Connect. However, on some of my other Samsung Smart TVs (which I bought some months a go, I can't). Is this something new that has changed?/will other Samsung TVs follow suit?


FYI it is this TV I have bought which works with Spotify Connect


Yes we need this please!!


I am so disappointed that Spotify does not work on my Samsung smart TV. The app has just given up and is frozen on the login logo and there is no feature to connect my phone to the TV. Please rectify this. 


It does not make sense have a smart tv and cannot connect to spotify android, please fix thaaat! 😞


Buy a Firestick from Amazon and connect it to the HDMI port at

 back of TV and you will then have Spotify.  I have done this myself as this so infuriated me too!

I just gave up. Sold my Smart TV, and bought a cheap TV and a Chromecast. I
regret a lot buying this slow and quickly outdated Samsung smart TV.

5 pages of paying subscribers, over 2 years BEGGING for a feature already available to free app users, and still no action.




Hello Spotify, Congrats on reaching 50 million paid subscribers. A big chunk of them will soon discover that they are not able to connect their phone to their Samsung tv considering how all devices are meant to be easily connected (IoT).

Please rectify a seemingly simple (available for Netflix and YouTube) issue before this backfires. It might seem like a small details now but with how things can quickly go sour in the tech sector you will want to fix this with Samsung.


I've got an Samsung UE46ES8005, that does not have the connect function, and would really like an updated version that has this function.


Chromecast doesn't really help if you've bought a Samsung dongle for your TV! I'd rather switch music app then buy another dongle... Guess it's Youtube until you get your head out of your asses.