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[Samsung] Connect for Samsung TV

I'm so disappointed with the quality of the Spotify app for Samsung TV and Roku devices. Clunky doesn't even begin to describe it. Yet, with YouTube I can seamlessly stream any video from my Android phone to either device in seconds and by simply clicking a cast button in the upper right hand corner. I'd really appreciate it if Spotify would upgrade to include the same kind of connectivity with these devices. I simply can't understand why this feature does not already exist. Because it doesn't, I'm considering whether I should cancel my subscriptiona and find another service that does what I want.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community!


We can confirm that we support Connect on Samsung Tizen TVs, so we'll update this Idea's status!

> Make sure your Samsung Smart TV (2015 and later models) and your Spotify device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

> Go to Samsung Apps on the TV's home screen.

> Search for Spotify - install and open!

For more info, check out:

Many thanks.

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2015-11-30

Marked as New Idea and edited title to make it easier to find via search. For Roku, please see this idea.

Yes we need to be able to use Connect with Samsung Smart TVs please

I know there's the very general idea Spotify Connect on Smart TV/Streaming Devices with the status ' implemented'. Whilst it may be true in general that Spotify Connect has been implemented to smart tv's/streaming devices, it is not available in this particular case of Samsung Smart TVs.


This function brings extra added value for users because navigation and functionality of the Spotify app on the Samsung Smart TV are rather limited; introducing Spotify Connect makes it a whole lot easier for us to find and play music on our TVs (and hifi systems if they're connected) using our phones, tablets and/or laptops 🙂


I feel that this idea deserves some extra attention by the Spotify developers as it serves the customers that actually pay for the service, who should be able to see support for the most important premium features on one of the major media equipment brands.


I truly hope that Spotify staff doesn't set this request aside as a 'duplicate' and will allow other users of the Samsung Smart TVs to express their interest in this function (as happened with this poor post). Especially since new premium users like me cannot give kudos to the existing specific comment making this request (as the idea is 'implemented' and voting is closed).


Successfully convinced my parents on the merits of Spotify, so they convert from Pandora. Except their main listening method is through their Samsung Smart TV and complain of how difficult it is to use. Came home and first instinct was to use Spotify Connect, SHOCKED that it is incompatible with Samsung Smart TVs. 


Please add this compatabliity! 

I have cancelled subscription until it's available and am using deezer

@dirtyred: I absolutely see it's related, but I wouldn't say it's (a kind of) a duplicate. That request is about introducing the app to a new operating system, namely Tizen OS, which (apparently) is now used on the/some new Samsung models.


Introducing Spotify Connect to the existing app (on Samsung operating system) doesn't help the users of TVs with Tizen OS. Vice versa, the introduction of a (beta/limited) Spotify app on Samsung TVs with Tizen OS doesn't (necessarily) help us who are eagerly waiting for Spotify Connect.


But thanks very much for pointing to the existance of that threat! It's definitely helpful to link related requests 🙂


Samsung being the way way largest TV manufacturer with millions and millions of their smart TVs shipped every year. I am quite baffled that Spotify connect doesn't work. In addition, the Spotify app has some major issues in that whenever I change password or to switch Spotify account on the TV, I have to do a full factory reset. 

I bought a new very expensive HK soundbar and was very disappointed to see how lousy the Samsung sootify app is. Please fix it.

/spotify subscriber since the very first month when spotify came!

i miss the spotify connect function for samsung smart tv too! it should be included so i can control the app on the tv with my iphone. thx 🙂

Add this feature to the samsung smart tv app please