[Samsung Gear] Offline Music


I am wondering when offline playlists will become available on the Samsung gear s3 classic and frontier models that dont have LTE/3g connection?

It seems to me as an important feature on this model as it makes you less attached to your phone.


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Updated on 2021-01-12

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We're marking this as implemented, as multiple Samsung wearables now support offline music - There's some more info on our support page here.


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I was a click away from becoming spotify premium user. Tried my GF spotify account but it did not work to use offline mode with Samsung Gear S3. The gadget S3 thing is to leave phone at home and only use watch and bluetooth headset when running / using gym.


Surprised that it did not work. Now I have to stick with downloading and uploading mp3 like I did 5 years ago.. It actually also works quite well if you dont practise discovery of new music, its just a minimal edge to pay for getting music by streaming.


Still it its worth the money if it works like clockwork, too bad it does not:(

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yes, offline muisc on tizen is needed I cannot donwload an mpy Mp3s on my smartwatch like years ago. Make it happen


Thought I did something wrong... when I could not find the offline option on the Spotify Gear app.


Need offline play asap. The app is useless as it is now!


I question if they limped across the deadline with this barely working App solely for marketing with Samsung. Now it's time for them to put their money where their mouth is. Spotify please finish what you started...???


I also have same problem. Offline mode for Spotify on Gear S3 is a must for us all outdoor activity lovers.


So, is this offline mode for Tizen (Samsung Gear) going to happen soon? Is there a timetable at least?


@Ptremblay56 There hasn't been any movement by Spotify to make this a thing for Gear S3 bluetooth users. Of course, if you have the LTE version, then you can access spotify without your phone. However, many of us use the bluetooth version of the Gear S3. I think there were about 3-4 of these requests created but they are usually marked as "Not Right Now". I think it is just a matter of time before it happens to this thread too.


Good news everyone. Looks like the offline version for Spotify will be coming in April.

Read the article below for more details. 


those are great news @js2000 !! I hope it is true and spotify look after us..

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I dont want to run with my phone. I was really excited when the Gear Fit2 had both Spotify and Local Music Storage (4GB). I couldn't believe those two features don't work together... When will spotify be able to take a playlist offline on a smart/fitness watch?