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[Samsung Gear] Offline Music


I am wondering when offline playlists will become available on the Samsung gear s3 classic and frontier models that dont have LTE/3g connection?

It seems to me as an important feature on this model as it makes you less attached to your phone.


Thank you


Updated on 2021-01-12

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We're marking this as implemented, as multiple Samsung wearables now support offline music - There's some more info on our support page here.


Happy listening 🎶


I am waiting for confirmation about the offline mode before I purchase Gear S3. So do please make it happen...


Hey @Lidenboy, thanks for your contribution! 


A similar idea has also been suggested here

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Samsung gear isn't android wear and spotify already released the app for Samsung gear. Just decited to leave the most important function out of it. The offline mode...


Thank you Andreas. Without Offline playlists support for Samsung Tizen OS; as is this Spotify App is useless to me if I still have to pack my phone during activity. Some people like to be active outside without a WiFi connection if Spotify or Samsung can grasp that concept. I can't even control the volume on Spotify from my watch without digging out my phone. At this point the App cancelled its purpose all together. Why waste battery life running it on my watch  when I have to use my phone anyway. Spotify please FIX


Having the same issue too. I use Spotify more often than Google Play. I was excited to hear that the Spotify app was finally on the Gear S3 only to be dissappointed that it doesn't have offline support. If Spotify doesn't hurry up and add the offline support for the smart watch app, then there is no point in continuing using Spotify. I am better off canceling the Spotify subscription and purchase the Google Play Music subscription since they provide offline playlist support.


I agree. Used Spotify for several years now, this feature is needed!

Thank you for your input. It's helped make it more clear to me now. It does
make more sense to cancel my Spotify account and switch to Google Play
since I can't return the Gear S3 at this point. So disappointing because I
love my playlists so much. Sometimes you just have to let it all go and
start over with a service that's more up to date. Peace


Hey guys. Check out this app! It should be the solution to all our offline spotify problems!!!!


Currently the app is not out yet and is apparently going through Samsung's test before the release!

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Updated: 2017-02-19

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Really... should be there since day one... sorry guys... 😕