[Samsung] Spotify for Samsung TV - Tizen OS

Would be really nice to have in this year the Spotify app available for the 2015 and 2016 models of Samsung Smart TV's running Tizen OS, at least some kind of beta or limited functionality one if not fully working. It's a shame that Spotify is still not available in the Samsung SmartHub after 2 years of the release of the new platform.


UA32J5570AULXL-277556-0.jpgSpotify on Samsung SmartHub

 If you'd like to speed up the developement, try tweeting @SpotifyCares on Twitter about this idea.


Please Spotify, show us some love and care!


Here's a list of the Samsung Smart TV's running Tizen OS:


2015 models:

  • Samsung JS9500
  • Samsung JS9000
  • Samsung JS8500
  • Samsung JS8000
  • Samsung JS7000
  • Samsung JU7500
  • Samsung JU7000 / JU7100
  • Samsung JU6800
  • Samsung JU6700
  • Samsung JU6600
  • Samsung JU6500
  • Samsung JU6400
  • Samsung J6300
  • Samsung J6200
  • Samsung J5500

2016 models:

  • Samsung KS9800
  • Samsung KS9500
  • Samsung KS9000
  • Samsung KS9090
  • Samsung KS8500
  • Samsung KS8000
  • Samsung KS8090
  • Samsung KS8080
  • Samsung KS7500
  • Samsung KS7590
  • Samsung KS7000
  • Samsung KS7090
  • Samsung KU6670
  • Samsung KU6680
  • Samsung KU6500
  • Samsung KU6509
  • Samsung KU6300
  • Samsung KU6400
  • Samsung KU6100
  • Samsung KU6000
  • Samsung KU6079
  • Samsung K6300
  • Samsung K6379
  • Samsung K5500
  • Samsung K5589

Updated: 2016-10-20

Hey everyone! Today, we’re excited to announce a new and improved Spotify experience coming to 2015 and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs.

Enjoying music on your Samsung Smart TV has never been better! Now Spotify Free and Premium users can easily play, skip, browse and search through a catalogue of more than 30 million songs directly on their TVs with a brand new experience beautifully optimized for the big screen.

For more details please click here.


samsung smart tv.png

Status: Implemented

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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)

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@deadnex I'm sorry for offtopic, but could you give me some tips how to install emby? :) I've managed to enter developer mode so far, but i have no idea where to find this app to download (there's only an IP adress shown in one topic). Thanks in advance

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This really is getting beyond a joke that you can't get even a limited service going on Tizen when EVERY other service has had their apps on that platform since early summer.

My service will not be being renewed as of the 1st January.

Enough is enough - do Spotify think that they can do whatever they please without recourse to those paying for them to be in the position they are?

It appears they do.

Guess what though Spotify?

People are walking with thier money and going elsewhere.

Please Spotify!!
I was hesitant to upgrade my 2013 f9090 with the 2015 sek-3500 because of tizen. I did it because Samsung was taking services offline and because of HDMI 2.0. But tizen is slower on an Octacore than the previous Plattform on a quad core. And no spotify connect or app is a step backwards. Android TV on the hardware would be awesome.
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Everyone needs to email Sam about this.  


Executive Team
Spotify Customer Service





Would be nice to have an update sinc the app is constantly stuck and why the smart tv is not appearing in between the other devices playing? I use premium basically only for the smart tv app but start to have second toughts because the albums are not available, playlist almost never load and if you manage to play one (after restarting the app several times) you get random errors and it is like this 99% of the times. Last update was jan 2016... Hello!? 


Made my day. Thanks spotify. Love the possibility to listen to music via the tv.  :)


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I have up to date software version 1027 on my UN40J5200 and still no sign of Spotify. This TV is like a ghost, I still don't know whether it has this **bleep**ty "tizen os" or something else. No one else than me seems to have it, even Samsung's official website doesn't know this TV.

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It is not available for this model. Actually this model is not updated
anymore. Buy a Chromecast and stop buying Samsung products :)