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Save Albums

I'd like to be able to save full albums into their own library.


Ideally (similar to starring a single song) I could add an album to my "album collection". This would keep my playlists to a minimum and I can still have access to an entire album with one click.


I understand I can make a playlist for an entire album, but this playlist now shows up on my list of playlists, so If I ever want to listen to "my favorite slow jams" I'd have to search and scroll through all the album playlists i made, find the M's and then finally pick the my favorite slow jams playlist.


Having a seperate master library for albums, where each album would first show up as one item, until I expanded it to see the individual track listing would be great.

2014-04-25 Hey everyone! We’re excited to say this Idea status is now “Implemented”.


This month we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms. For a glimpse of these changes and our new design click here.


Your Music is now available to users on desktop, web, Android and iOS.

This really has to happen is it in the works at the moment?. It is a basic feature available in all other streaming services. I do not want over 200 playlists, I want to add all my favorite artists/albums to a library and then have a handful of playlists for specific occasions/moods.

I see that this feature has been implemented in the Spotify App on my iPhone, but I don't see the same albums in the Collection section from the application on my PC.  Is this coming in an update or something?


Very disappointed.


I've been looking to try and find a way of getting away from itunes and I though that Spotify Premium was it. The lack of any suitable approach to looking through favourite albums however makes this an absolute no go. I can only assume that as this thread is nearly 18 months old that Spotify have no intention of adding the feature?


I love looking through my itunes account feeling inspired when I come across an album I haven't heard for ages.


I'm sorry but this is a major oversight and I wont be subscribing.


Please implement this. After 1 week of Spotify it is the only thing that is really really lacking.


REALLY need to be able to save albums! I like to listen to the artist as a whole and not just its most popular tracks


So... this issue was brought up over a year ago and it hasn't been implemented. Any progress? This is my biggest qualm with Spotify.


This is the single reason I haven't left MOG and come to Spotify as paying subscriber yet.  Please implement ASAP!!


Please Spotify, give us a roadmap or something. This is crucial.

Hey there.


This feature is finally coming. Collection. Watc the space in your apps, at least in Mac, iOS, Windows and Android 🙂


I wholeheartedly agree.


Albums should be stored under a persistent item labelled 'Favourite Albums' or 'My Collection'.


Playlists, as a user understands, is a collection of songs, usually by various artists, and can be edited. Stored/saved albums should be treated as non-editable fabourites.


While I'm at it, give the iPhone app better organsiation using folders and the ability to move playlists between them.