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Save Albums

I'd like to be able to save full albums into their own library.


Ideally (similar to starring a single song) I could add an album to my "album collection". This would keep my playlists to a minimum and I can still have access to an entire album with one click.


I understand I can make a playlist for an entire album, but this playlist now shows up on my list of playlists, so If I ever want to listen to "my favorite slow jams" I'd have to search and scroll through all the album playlists i made, find the M's and then finally pick the my favorite slow jams playlist.


Having a seperate master library for albums, where each album would first show up as one item, until I expanded it to see the individual track listing would be great.

2014-04-25 Hey everyone! We’re excited to say this Idea status is now “Implemented”.


This month we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms. For a glimpse of these changes and our new design click here.


Your Music is now available to users on desktop, web, Android and iOS.


Yep, there is a lot of ideas like "Listen later", "virtual library" and so on. Work with albums was never implemented.


This request if not properly implemented in current version of Spotify, and indeed it's a very important one for Spotify to a potential replacemenet of my local CD library.
One more vote to have a lybrary of "favorite albums" that does not relate to "songs".




Even though I think it is great that you can save your albums now, for me, there are some things that could be improved still. 

First of all, the moment you save a song in your playlist, it automatically saves the album in your 'albums' list. When you reproduce that album, only the song you saved will be there (although you can access the whole album by right clicking the song, etc.).

I think individual songs should not be saved into your album list, what is more, I think your 'Album' list and your 'Songs' playlist should be completely independent. 

This means that you could save songs into your 'songs' playlist without generating new albums in your 'album' list, but also that you could save entire albums in your 'album' list without all the songs getting into your 'songs' list. 

Maybe it is just me, but I feel that there are certains songs I only enjoy listening as part of the album, so I don' want them getting into my 'songs' playlist. On the other hand, all those 'empty' albums generated in my 'albums' list are just a distraction from the albums I actually ment to save.


To sum up, I just think Album list and Songs list should be independent one from the other.


I hope this is not too complicated, I think it would be great.


This says that it has been implemented.

It is now unimplemented and whenever I save an album, it adds the whole album into my favourite songs.

Below: Highlighted is the ONE song from Europe that I wanted in my favourites. NONE of the Imagine Dragons songs shown are the ones that I favourited.  "Doubt" and "Levitate" I did favourite, but "Lonely Diva" is another one that I didn't.

Spotify 13_01_2019 19_27_20.png





Please post this issue on Spotify twitter and facebook. They need to see complaints in a public place. No one cares in here. 


Yeah, it looks like that spotify devs don't know what albums are or just don't use spotify), then please check play music, you can save everything in a separate place - album, playlist, radio, etc.

Spotify recommendation mechanism is really good but work with the results... 


This feature got killed by the 'like' feature that automatically saves a song, because this also saves it to albums, even if it's a one song 'album'. My album section is littered with thousands of albums that I don't like and the very few times that I genuinely want to save a full album it just gets piled on massive garbage. 


We did it fam! You can finally save albums separately from saving tracks!!!


Thanks to everyone who been coming back in here to this thread even after they closed it as "implemented" in 2014.


Thanks to spotify for not locking this thread when that happened and actually continuing to read the replies.

Yoohoo!! unbelievable. Thanks Spotify, you can now move this to
"completed"... 5 years early, but still you knew all along it would be done.

The thing is, saving an album still takes up "songs" space as if all "songs" were saved. The library is filled up...