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[Search] Bring back Advanced Search

Up until recently, users were able to refine their search by using advanced options which are, sadly, no longer available.

I'm a musicologist, and small features such as being able to search by record label are quite important for me, as it should be for anyone who is not just a passive consumer of music! If you also believe that we need this feature back, support this thread.

Updated on 2018-09-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


We're happy to confirm that Advanced Search is now available on Mobile and Desktop. 

For example, searching by 'year:', or 'label:'.


All the best,



Another great feature just got removed? Are you guys crazy?
I pay the very same price for the product with less and less functionality every release!


@realityfantasy wrote:

 Guys, this is an absolutely needed feature; any ideas how to speed up the process and get more votes on this?


@I am bringing this on Twitter as well, twitting to @ Spotify and @ SpotifyCares


BTW, I used this feature even on mobile, Spotify is kinda useless without advanced search for someone who's not mainstreamhead. How inconsiderate!


agree! advanced search made spotify stand apart


@Soundofus wrote:

Latest infos :


The advanced search has been removed from Desktop app but is available on the webplayer.


No infos actually if the feature is going to come back on the Desktop version.


Personally, as a very huge user, I never use the webplayer. No comfortable to use compare to Desktop.


So it needs also to have the advanced search on Desktop.



Totally agree. Even if you fullscreen your browser, there are still lots of small annoyances such as hovering status bars and sluggish song fast forwarding/skipping. On top of that, the music streams at a lower quality unless you link to the desktop app, but this has the effect of further slowing down performance. Further still, we've no idea if Spotity will just decide to remove advanced search from the webplayer anyway.


Having said all that, advanced search still being available on the web player is the only reson I haven't switched to the other big streaming service yet. That and the hope this petition works. It's just a shame we have to beg for old features that increased usability, instead of hoping for new ones. You coded something that no other streaming service offers and it worked brillianty. I don't get why you'd nerf yourselves?


P.S Rolling back to an older version doesn't work either (at least on the desktop). The change must be with their database.


I’ve just noticed the loss of this function. I previously frequently searched by label to find specific recordings and also to browse recordings on specific labels that specialise in genres that interest me.


Its a dumb idea to remove it. While you’re at it Spotify, restore the search history to the way it was before, when it remembered exactly what you searched for.


 Thanks for sharing the thread. I hope everyone else will do the same.

Prior to this, I was hoping that one day the record labels would become clickable on Spotify for ease of access; little did I know advanced search was going to be removed all together! I really take this as an insult to users.


This is a super important feature. UPVOTE!


Agreed!  I use tag:new, year and label search very often, can we at least know why it was taken away?


Please bring back the tag:new feature!


This is utterly ridiculous, it was an incredible feature to keep track of what your favourite labels releases or have released. They have been removing it slowly from every software client. User experience does not mean nerfing down your software!