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[Search] Search for Episodes Within a Podcast Show

Allow users to search for an epidose within a specific podcast show only, similar to searching for a song within a playlist. 

Updated on 2023-01-06

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on mobile (for both Android & iOS users). You can find "Find in this show" feature on the top of the screen when you're on the Podcast page. 

Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

  1. Remeber that Joe Rogan episode where they talked about JFK? Well, it didn't have JFK in the title, but it was in the description. On other podcast apps it's a breeze to search for it but not so much on Spotify. You gotta fix this somehow and you need to do it fast! Jeez... it's such a fundamental basic function, you better get on it before Rogan starts speaking the truth about the spotify app on air!

Its insane that this hasnt already been added through innovation.. this is a basic function of any library. Amazon has 20 different sub categories one can search within, such as amazon fresh and wholefoods (being 2 examples). Any scholarly data base has these functions, its a requirement of any library or unit of storage that has sufficient episodes/volumes of data. Podcast world is different that the music world. Albums and songs sre easier to sort through. Add this feature with earnest, most importantly for the customer-learn from amazon! But its also common sense for spotify, later episodes will get more traction and thus more views, ads etc, making spotify more money. This is the attention economy, to assume your viewers will watch something else on your platform is insane, theyll probably just switch back to youtubes more volumous catalogue. Spotify has to upkeep server space for those older eps anyway, allow those resources to be replenished. Take pride in your job and Do it! Expedite the comment section so you can get better feedback that you can now. I only found this through specific google search. Most ppl dont do that, this kudos system isnt good at accessing peoples feedback, only those who manually search google for how to give it! Basic functions... get a promotion and take this argument to your boss! 


yeah, clearly (!) needed feature, pls!


I came to Spotify podcasts because of Joe Rogan. However, not being able to search the library of his 100s of podcasts is a huge issue for me. A real deal breaker really. 


How is this still not in Spotify???


First I thought that Spotify wanted Joe Rogan to get more listeners. Now I believe that all they want is for him not-to-talk on any other paltform. I've gone on to other podcasts, not on spotify.


I love Spotify, but user-friendly it is not. Like this - why is this even a suggestion for development? It should just be a feature from the get-go. Been using Spotify for a decade or so, and while great for discovering new music, and saved me from pirating music, it is really poor at developing functionality (like giving me better control over my library, for one).


Oh boy, I have no idea how this isn't already a function. Countless times I've wanted to look for a specific episode or topic under one podcast and I think I'm crazy because I KNOW the option is somewhere and I'm just not seeing it.


Apparently not. I ran into this petition because I was Googling how to find it 🙂


Please add this today.


Thanks for all you do. 


I can't seem to vote so I'm just commenting to say YES please this is such a necessary feature. 


Someone earlier in this thread said that Spotify won't even consider a change unless it hit "100 Kudos". Unfortunately it's really 500 Kudos (see the link "More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here" at the top)... Incredibly frustrating. The only reason this "forum" exists is to give people a place to vent, keep their money rolling in for a little while longer.