Search correction: Bring back the "Did you mean..."

Hey guys --


After the last update, I notcied the search function has really suffered. I'm not a great speller, so band names like Calexico often get spelled Colexico or maybe Regina Spektor when it should be Ragina Spektor.


These used to return the right results, now they don't return anything, unless you spell the band name EXACTLY right. It used to give suggestions ("Did you mean..."). Anyway we can go back to the old search? I'll promise to work on my spelling....




Edit: Changed the title of the idea so it can be easier found (Premify)

Hello everyone. At Spotify, we're big believers that your misspelled Sigur Ros search shouldn't take you to the Sugar Ray artist profile. Our search team are proud to announce that we've brought back the "Did you mean?" search correction feature. We initially removed this because it had stability issues but we're happy to bring it back for you. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.24.33 PM.png


Are you describing the same issue as outlined in this topic

If so, I have opened this as a bug with the Spotify team who are currently investigating. 



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Re-opening this idea again.
It seems that this feature got taken out because of stability problems and it's not sure if it will be added back.

If you want to see it back, please add your kudos here! 😉


Even though I haven't needed this functionality yet, I would definitely like the fuctionality added back in the case that I'm having a "stupid" day and can't spell.


Added my kudos, search correction is almost an assumed feature in my opinion. 




It definitely had stability problems on my phone but it also definitely needs to com back when the problems are worked out.

Please this feature back now or never!!!




The search system is now dynamic, the more you type, the more it filter (as in google).
Of course if you mistype, you wont get the good answer.
And as you say, it report nothing except that big one magnifying glass on the result page.
On top of this result page, i'll see the "Do You Mean..." function , It's still there and it works.
(I tested with ragina spektor, and it corrected it well.)


Yes please make it like MOG and RDIO where you type an artist/song and even if you don't know the exact spelling suggestions pop up...that's one of the features I really love fom those two services.

Status changed to: Watch this space


Though we were challenged to remove this feature temporarily due to stability problems, we plan to bring this back. We believe the ability to search despite making one or two spelling errors is essential to the search experience. Our development teams are working hard to consider the needed improvements. We'll update this thread when we have more information.


Good to hear. Definitely a nice help feature.