Search option for favorites

Status: Implemented

I would like to see a small search box for the favorites tab. I have a favorites list of over 1700 unique songs, which are all added in order of genre.

That's why a search box would come in handy so i can click on the right song after the search. It would also be nice that after the search, it would show where that song is located in favorites.


Hope something like this is possible and easy to make.


Best regards.


Update: Okay i tried the suggestion that the first commenter told me to and i notice something anoying. When i play my favorites, and i search for a specific song, the queue list gets reset and only shows the song its playing at that moment. That also means that it stops playing the other songs.


Is this a bug, or is this meant to be?


You mean starred?

Press CTRL+F in the starred view to get a search box where you can find by text.


Superrrrrr never knew that. Thanks!


The filter option will act as a search - kinda. It will remove anything else that doesn't fit into your filtered request, and will just show that track. If you play that, then that will by the only track visible in the playlist and therefore the play queue. Try playing the track, and then deleting the text from the filter option - this should add the rest of the tracks on the playlist in the play queue again. 


I'll mark this as implemented for now! 

Status changed to: Implemented

How do you use this "Filter" function in the latest Android app?


How about the IOS app? Would be excellent to be able to search my favorites.


I was able to search in my favorites by pressing CTRL+F in the iOS app, but it's gone in the newest version ( Why? This was very useful!




This will be coming back in a future update.