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Self Service | Device Management



Many people are in trouble with few issues:


- Resetting Offline Devices

- Disconnecting Sessions


Many have had the situation that someone is using their credentials somewhere, and their own Streaming gets cut off

because of this. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to:


- Disconnect All Active Sessions, so nobody else could be using your credentials anymore.


Many have had the situation that they have possibly more than 3 devices that they have synced Offline files to or that one device has somehow managed to fail on the level of it showing as a Offline device twice.


- Resetting Offline Devices, so you could again sync Offline content to the devices you choose.


These combined with a Self Help / Self Service portal would solve problems that need a staff member to do things for you.

Help would be easier, faster available when you happen to need it the most.


This could be implemented to the website, that needs your credentials anyway.

We just implemented a new tool that will let Premium users remove their offline devices. More info is here. As this idea technically includes two ideas and we're working on implementing the second idea in here, I'll mark this implemented. [Update - 8.4.2014] We have another self service tool to announce this week! You can now use a feature to log out from Spotify everywhere. Just head to your account overview page on and the option will be in the right hand corner. Enjoy!

Spotify needs a some way for me to directly control what devices are authorized  for offline playback on my Premium account.  Under the current lincensing scheme, where the last 3 devices that signed in are registered, bumping off everything else, is unfathomable.  Case I point, I just boughta new android phone.  What I SHOULD be able to do is open up a page on the spotify website, see the devices that are registered on my account, and deauthorize the device of my choice from the account.  I can't. 


In getting my devices authorized and reauthorized, I have acidently deauthorized every single device I have on spotify atleast once (my new phone has been deauthorized twice in this endevour), meaning I've had to download all my music all over again (I have downloaded atleast 12GB of music from Spotify to my Phone alone [that is the 4g data used], not to mention my computer).  I also completely given up on having spotify on my android tablet or offline music on my home computer, because I don't want to deal with the licensing.  I also suspect I'll have to deal with this fiasco again whenever I flash a Rom on my phone.

Everytime when I try to sync only my mobile phone with Spotify it's gives a message that I have sync my playlist on more than 3 devices and so it deletes all my song from my phone. So I want to know witch devices than? And may be it's easy for the future if I know witch devices have a offline playlist and I can select with devices can be deleted from the sync and make place for a new device. And an another good thing is witch device is the 'master' and where the tracks never can be deleted (only after 30 days no online sync). 🙂


A way to log off all devices in case someone has managed to get in to my account or I forgot to log out somewhere else.


The only thing you need to to is change your password 🙂


Not if they stay online. They won't have to log out because I changed the password. And if they got spotify running on a server they could stay that way for a month before having to relog due to spotify updates.


Good idea I keep getting the same message, deletes 3000 songs from my iPhone which takes ages to download again. I don't know which devices are accessing the tracks offline!!! Please fix!!


Great idea.  I only have a few hundred songs in offline playlists but this is a pain in the butt when traveling and realizing I have nothing to listen to!!


and Spotify - this is eating up your bandwidth too!  =D


This has to be a must, I have so many devices connected to spotify that ensuring that my mobile is always topped up has become unmanageable


Agree 100%. I've done a number of ICS updates recently on my Samsung S2, and I keep hitting the reauthorize issue. Using two desktop PCs (one living room HTPC, other my main workstation) and one Android device, this is rather annoying. If I could just de-authorize the Android device prior to a reflash, then at least I'd know I'd never have to redownload content on my PCs.


i want a button that is logging every device out