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Many people are in trouble with few issues:


- Resetting Offline Devices

- Disconnecting Sessions


Many have had the situation that someone is using their credentials somewhere, and their own Streaming gets cut off

because of this. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to:


- Disconnect All Active Sessions, so nobody else could be using your credentials anymore.


Many have had the situation that they have possibly more than 3 devices that they have synced Offline files to or that one device has somehow managed to fail on the level of it showing as a Offline device twice.


- Resetting Offline Devices, so you could again sync Offline content to the devices you choose.


These combined with a Self Help / Self Service portal would solve problems that need a staff member to do things for you.

Help would be easier, faster available when you happen to need it the most.


This could be implemented to the website, that needs your credentials anyway.

We just implemented a new tool that will let Premium users remove their offline devices. More info is here. As this idea technically includes two ideas and we're working on implementing the second idea in here, I'll mark this implemented. [Update - 8.4.2014] We have another self service tool to announce this week! You can now use a feature to log out from Spotify everywhere. Just head to your account overview page on and the option will be in the right hand corner. Enjoy!

I've had this issue as well. Noticed mostly on my mobile when I've gone to listen to music when driving.


Ideally I'd like to be able to specify which devices always have a license (my mobile) and then let other devices I log into fight over any remaining licenses as they need them (along the lines of the fixed / floating license model often used for corporate software)


I agree this is a must have feature 🙂




Hey 🙂


Just wanted to post a suggestion here that seems to crop up on the forums a lot. 


I think there should be an easy way to instantly reset your offline devices (as you are only allowed 3) from your Online Overview. 

A forum topic by Richard popped up yesterday asking users to post on it if they needed their devices reset. Talking to one of my friends yesterday, yes that is great, the response time will be reduced because its easy for the staff to find, but sometimes just having to wait for a staff member to read it and reset it takes too long.


As @neo-x suggested in the first comment, the functionality for closing active logins could also be added to think in a sort of "Self Service Portal". Would definitely save users and the staff a lot of time.


If the staff can do this for you, then surely there must be a way to write a simple script that could do it upon a users request?




I'd say it would be great to have a self service portal where you could disconnect all devices / reset offline devices 🙂 Usually self service portals do save the time of the staff.


I forgot to mention disconnect active logins. I will add it now 😉





This would be a good addon to this one 🙂 If these 2 would be implemented - it would be fan tastic.


Think it'd be a good idea to merge these two ideas together? You could amend the description in the first post to reflect the two ideas - Some sort of "Device management" description would suffice I should think.


Yeah, you want to go ahead and do that? 🙂

As long as neo-x is happy enough with doing it.




Sure thing.


Consider it done. How does the title look now? Okay? Or would you prefer something a little different?