Shared Playlists

Status: Implemented

I think it be incredible to share playlists so I can collaborate with friends.




maybe include a suggestions or approve subsection within the playlist.


Keep everything wonderful about playlists as they are. But add the multiple user aspect.


I think that would be really something that no one else does.



Hi Chris, 


Sharing and collaborating playlists with friends is already something you can do through Spotify!


Once you've created a playlist, right-click and select 'Collaborative'. The music note next to the playlist will then become green to show the change has been made. 


Then you can right-click on the playlist again, select "Share to...." and send the playlist to your friends. 


They can then subscribe to the playlist and add tracks of their own--check out it!


Meredith thank you so much!


I guess it's one of those features that slipped past me.



Status changed to: Implemented