Show Playlist Artwork on Mobile

Edit: Hey guys, thanks for your kudos! This idea has been implemented in the new version of Spotify. BUT, they haven't yet added artwork for playlist *folders*. I've created a new idea for that, so your kudos would be appreciated over there as well!


Original post:

Currently, playlists are listed on my phone represented by a music note, and playlist folders by a music note in a box. Since playlist cover art is automatically generated and displayed on the desktop, web, and tablet apps, why do we still only see a generic music note on phones? It would also be nice to include art for playlist folders, which is not yet supported on the web or tablet apps. 



Seems simple enough, and it's already like this on all the other devices, just not the mobile apps. I hope this means it's on its way? 


Thanks for looking!



Hey guys! This idea is now "Implemented"

In April we introduced Spotify’s new look. Now Spotify has a darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography. This new design includes showing playlist artwork on your mobile as well.

Thanks for the kudos and for your idea suggestion @mdewater 

Status changed to: New Idea



Thats fine but please give us the option to turn it off.... I would prefer the list to load faster and use less bandwidth.


yes please!

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Nice idea. Let's see how many more kudos this gets.

Simple Idea, wonder why its not already implemented. YES PLZZ!

Seems too simple not to have!!! Spotify listen to us..

This is a great idea that is simple enough, so hopeful it will happen.


This is coming in an upcoming iPhone update! 😃


UPDATE: This feature is added in the new iOS version 1.0. rolling out today!