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Show cover / karaoke bands after originals

The biggest problem in Spotify is those cover bands. Show those after originals or add another column in search for tribute etc. bands.


I see cover bands and some karaoke **bleep**, but really, where are original tracks?


Do something toprioritise down in search those "cover bands and karaoke bands or tribute bands" and get original tracks instead to top. There should be option to get those tracks down in search results or to add some filter to settings (by default off). I think almost no one want to listen karaoke or cover band / tribute songs.


Search for Modjo - Lady and go to listen those covers and karaokes, there is no original tracks at all.


Sometimes when I search tracks, the cover bands are more popular than original one, is this not possible to get real music (original track) up in search catalogue? Also if there is no original track, I would like to see some information about it because I don't want to search from cover and karaoke bands list forever just to find nothing.


cover and karaoke....png


Enjoy your music. Best regards, Spotify!


There is no need to cover bands or karaoke verisons, just original one!



Updated: 2015-09-17


Hey everyone, now you have some options to get the songs you're looking for in search results. Now search results are sorted by popularity. If you're still seeing some tracks you don't want (karaoke for instance) you can sort by album, track, artist to find what you're looking for. 

Thanks for continuing to bring your feedback to Spotify through the Idea Exchange!


Yes, this definitely. 


I listen to lots of "old" music, which is now considered only good for karaoke by most people. This creates much annoyance when searching for original songs, and only finding horrible karaoke versions!


Leave the cover bands ALOOOOOONE

If you want, you can search and find some of Lady Gaga without problems, but seriously only karaoke and cover bands for Modjo - Lady and so on... 😞

Thank you for Support! Now 100 kudos, add more.


YES! All they need is a checkbox in prefs to "hide Cover / Karaoke versions" or have an advanced search with it in which remmebers


Pull your finger out spotify in Sweden, you wont have any sun for 6 months now so plenty of time to crack this out 😉

Just to let everyone know. There is NO NEED for karaoke or cover bands. Bye.


You must not realize when users are 'duped' into clicking on one of these fake songs, they get paid, but SO DOES SPOTIFY. They'll never go away, it's too much of a revenue stream for Spotify. It's cheap and deceiving, but also why they spend more time cramming apps and useless promos all over, rather than fixing things people suggest.


Spotify is like TiVo - they're really pretty much the only game in town, they know it, and aren't motivated to lower their revenue streams to please a few complaints. But alas, rumors of competitors could change that (think Apple). Of course, one could argue it's even worse on iTunes, because how many people get duped in to paying $10 for a CD of fakes......


or please create a sepration in serach results between original and karaoke

I like that Spotify allows any type of music. These cover bands should stay on Spotify, but label it as a cover in the search.

the fakes are really annoying and should be clearly labelled in the search. Harder on mobile to filter them out, because the search only displays so many results on an iPhone and when you get to the bottom, attempting to load further results causes the search page to go blank. So if I can't find the original track in the first tranche of results then I have to go to the desktop app to find it, star it and then play it on mobile. It's a hard life, I know. 


reminds me of napster and kazaa when originals were mixed in with fakes by the record labels to make it harder to find what you want. Only difference now is Spotify's supposed to be the legal alternative!