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Show cover / karaoke bands after originals

The biggest problem in Spotify is those cover bands. Show those after originals or add another column in search for tribute etc. bands.


I see cover bands and some karaoke **bleep**, but really, where are original tracks?


Do something toprioritise down in search those "cover bands and karaoke bands or tribute bands" and get original tracks instead to top. There should be option to get those tracks down in search results or to add some filter to settings (by default off). I think almost no one want to listen karaoke or cover band / tribute songs.


Search for Modjo - Lady and go to listen those covers and karaokes, there is no original tracks at all.


Sometimes when I search tracks, the cover bands are more popular than original one, is this not possible to get real music (original track) up in search catalogue? Also if there is no original track, I would like to see some information about it because I don't want to search from cover and karaoke bands list forever just to find nothing.


cover and karaoke....png


Enjoy your music. Best regards, Spotify!


There is no need to cover bands or karaoke verisons, just original one!



Updated: 2015-09-17


Hey everyone, now you have some options to get the songs you're looking for in search results. Now search results are sorted by popularity. If you're still seeing some tracks you don't want (karaoke for instance) you can sort by album, track, artist to find what you're looking for. 

Thanks for continuing to bring your feedback to Spotify through the Idea Exchange!


Still new idea? Spotify are you sleeping?

Status changed to: Implemented
Status changed to: Implemented

In implementing this there is the question of which is the cover. In some cases, when a well known artist covers a track by a lesser known artist, many people would condider the cover to the original - probably not even aware of the original. In such cases people are more likely to searching for the well known version, and if covers were hidden they would not find it so easily.


I'd sure like a 'preferences' option to completely hide all / show only karaoke / cover bands


Im giving this a bump - Same issue I faced.

Thanks for support folks! Your support is very important to me!


This idea is Under Consideration!


Showing the year in the search results could help with this--the oldest one is the original.


I agree, get rid of the Karaoke and cover versions.  Unless it is a legitimate cover version, such as one that charted and people know. 


Another thing that annoys me is when you get a "re-recorded" version of a track.  I had that with "Somebody's watching me" by Rockwell.


I don't want live versions either, unless it's specified as a live version and distinguished from the studio version. 


Saxmaam-  While I understand some people -are- looking for karaoke versions, the vast majority of people are not. 
Asking for the ability to exclude non-originals from your search results (by default, ideally) isn't asking for much.