[Shows] Podcast Submissions

Status: Implemented

Sharing your podcast on Spotify gives you access to millions of Spotify listeners!

You can now easily submit and manage your podcast with Spotify for Podcasters. Just head there and request access (you’ll need an active Spotify account to log in with).

There's more info on this here.



Spotify should add a way for podcast hosts to submit/upload their podcasts to Spotify.


Currently Spotify has a list of aggregators to use to get music on Spotify, but there should also be a way to get your podcasts onto Spotify.

Updated on 2018-02-23

Hi all,


As @MattSuda has rightly pointed out, you can now go to this FAQ to learn more about getting Podcasts on Spotify. 


If you have any further questions, you should reach out to the team directly using the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of that site.




That feed does have an e-mail address tag. But it doesn't yet contain any podcast episodes. You won't be able to submit it to any podcast syndication platform (including Spotify) until you have at least one episode in the feed. If you're unsure how to add an episode to your feed, or if you feel you have done so, contact SoundCloud support for assistance. I also know SoundCloud has a support document somewhere that shows the process of publishing podcast episodes. You may want to look for that.


 Thank you for your advice! I will look for that document!

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