[Shows] Podcast Submissions

Status: Implemented

Sharing your podcast on Spotify gives you access to millions of Spotify listeners!

You can now easily submit and manage your podcast with Spotify for Podcasters. Just head there and request access (you’ll need an active Spotify account to log in with).

There's more info on this here.



Spotify should add a way for podcast hosts to submit/upload their podcasts to Spotify.


Currently Spotify has a list of aggregators to use to get music on Spotify, but there should also be a way to get your podcasts onto Spotify.

Updated on 2018-02-23

Hi all,


As @MattSuda has rightly pointed out, you can now go to this FAQ to learn more about getting Podcasts on Spotify. 


If you have any further questions, you should reach out to the team directly using the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of that site.



Please allow everyone (especially people you gladly accept money from every month) the ability to add their podcast to directory.

Really grat idea.I was wondering if anyone had already suggested it.

Over half of the podcasts that I listen to aren't on Spotify. If Spotify wants people to use their platform for audio other than music, limiting who can upload podcasts isn't the way to do it.

I run a relatively small podcast with about 500 average listens per episode, but we have already had quite a few requests from our subscribers to be added to Spotify. Please make this an available feature as soon as possible. 

I contribute to a very popular but very niche podcast. Out listeners would benefit greatly from us being on Spotify.

You can register your podcast for free at  Once your account is active and your show is listed, click the "Get Listed on Spotify" link inside the Directory Lising box of your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.


Blubrry will then submit your show to Spotify for their consideration. In the end, it's up to Spotify as to which shows do or don't get added to their platform. But, it's worth a try if you're interested.


I help produce a podcast and would love to get on Spotify as well! +1


Podcasts are growing huge, and Spotify is missing a huge opportunity by not allowing feeds to be uploaded to the platform, ala iTunes, Google Play, and other various platforms. You can of course filter on quality like those platforms, but it's really time to get with it! Thanks so much. 🙂

Dear Spotify,

Are you trying to reinvent the wheel on this one?

Podcasts already have a delivery system (RSS feeds). Why haven't you just integrated that? Is it to do with some sort of revenue sharing model?

You're currently missing ALL of This American Life + Serial. You're missing ALL BBC content, and many others. And your freakonomics feed is out of date (why?).

That you don't seem to have a system to add smaller podcast makers is disappointing. But that you haven't even got the Big names on board makes this whole feature seem pointless.

With the greatest respect, your podcasts efforts so far seem a little half-arsed.

I really like the Idea of submiting my own podcasts as a premiun user, or even as an artist. 

 But here is the really good think about this:

This is the way indie podcasters can have COPYRIGHTED music on their shows. I think spotify has the kind of license allows interactive playin. This is a turn around for we can have a podcast sounding like a radio show, with people talking and music in between when in fact, it's onl'y a playlist that calls next song, or next podcast part. This would be a great feature. Even better if we can talk over music.


This would be really cool. 

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