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Shuffle all music on mobile device

Posted by user jayafink on the support side of things:

[quote] Can you shuffle all of the playlists and tracks within on the Ipod Touch?  I made lots of playlists by artist name, with hundreds of tracks in all of them.  In spotify itself you can click on "library" under "collection" to shuffle all of it, but there is no "collection" or "library" buttons on the Ipod app.  It seems you can only shuffle within a particular playlist and not all of them on the Ipod.  Is that true or am I missing something? [/quote]

I wholeheartedly concur. I am an album guy so I am alway creating offline available playlists for individual albums. But sometimes it's good to put all music in play randomly. Doesn't seem to be supported on the mobile version currently.

Can we see this feature at some point?

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone, with Your Music you can now shuffle all Songs on your mobile device. 

Just go to Your Music > Songs > Shuffle. Enjoy!






Hope this feature for all mobile device (iPhone, iPad ...) will be available soon.


Come on !!! 😉




Just back from a holiday with all my offline playlists on my iPhone and must say I really missed the shuffle all feature as everyone else here. Especially while driving long distance listening to all my songs by random an skipping once in a while is a lot easier than switching playlists or building dedicated random playlists.


I want desperately to lose ITunes totally but can't quite wthout shuffle.  Most comments have to do with shuffling BETWEEN playlists which would be great. But I am unable even to shuffle WITHIN a single playlist on my HTC One X. Am I missing something?  Thanks. 

Yes, it's good to rediscover your music just by a random shuffle through the saved playlists.

Hi this thread is getting a little stale but i'm really surprised this feature isn't in the new Android/IOS build. Let me be blunt -- I have been with this outfit with my wallet and my heart for an entire year. I have extolled the virtues of the service to anyone I can talk to about other streaming services and gotten a lot of people to sign up. A year is a long time when you know a lot of people with disposbale income for something like this. 


Having said that, if there is truly no way to shuffle all songs in all playlists (you know -- like there USED to be) and just listen to them like that is 100% how I use your service. If I can't figure a way to do this elegantly soon, I'm bailing out on my subscription and going to other means. Sorry! Love you guys, but I need to think of opportunity cost as this service has lost a LOT of value for me.




Please add shuffle support to mobile devices!




(the workaround of creating a folder cannot play the "Starred" list. Intelligent shuffle (select playlists to shuffle) would be better than shuffle all as it would avoid mixing incompatible genres) 

Status changed to: Implemented


Hello folks,

Sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we have a lot coming in everyday and it is hard to prioritize.

We´ve just marked this idea as "Under Consideration". We have passed internally and our team is considering and thinking of the best way to make it happen. Check out this thread for next updates.

Thanks for your contribution and feedback, we really appreciate this 😉


As far as I'm concerned this is a grave oversight for a music application.


I'm glad there is finally an official response.  Thanks for the update.

Any progress / eta on this cross-playlist shuffle feature?


I love Spotify but i struggle to recommend it to others without this feature & it’s something that bugs me to death!