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Shuffle all music on mobile device

Posted by user jayafink on the support side of things:

[quote] Can you shuffle all of the playlists and tracks within on the Ipod Touch?  I made lots of playlists by artist name, with hundreds of tracks in all of them.  In spotify itself you can click on "library" under "collection" to shuffle all of it, but there is no "collection" or "library" buttons on the Ipod app.  It seems you can only shuffle within a particular playlist and not all of them on the Ipod.  Is that true or am I missing something? [/quote]

I wholeheartedly concur. I am an album guy so I am alway creating offline available playlists for individual albums. But sometimes it's good to put all music in play randomly. Doesn't seem to be supported on the mobile version currently.

Can we see this feature at some point?

Updated: 2015-11-18

Hey everyone, with Your Music you can now shuffle all Songs on your mobile device. 

Just go to Your Music > Songs > Shuffle. Enjoy!




This isn't true. Having a big green button that says "shuffle" doesn't mean you have shuffle. It doesn't work. At all. Fix it. 




What's up with your "Shuffle Play" button? You tap it and it doesn't work? Have you reported it, directly to Spotify? Mine works.


This solution doesn't work for me*, but I have a decent workaround, which is to make sure you also 'save' any songs already in the playlists you want to shuffle offline and then go to the 'songs' tab and filter for downloads. You can now shuffle within 'songs' and it will amount to the same thing as shuffling everything in your downloaded playlists.

'Saving' isn't the same thing as putting them in a playlist or downloading them, so if you haven't already saved those songs, it's probably fastest to go to the desktop app, click a song within each playlist you want, control-A to grab the rest, and choose 'save to library' from the right-click menu. You only have to do it once and then you can save songs/albums as you go along. Hope that helps someone.


*I have an ipod 5 with ios 9.3.5 (the highest it will go) and Spotify, and there's no downloads tab at all (or video or podcasts), as per the solution posted above.




This option only works while there are songs not linked to any playlist. How to suffle all the songs in all the playlists, regardless of the device you're using spotify? (computer or a mobile device)


 And how can I save, in a playlist, this shuffled queue? I can only do it in the desktop app


I found a solution for android


Download app: Playlist Manager (by reissGRVS)- its free 🙂

Open the app and create a new playlist , you can choose existing playlists and merge them all in one.

Open your spotify app, and look for the new playlist under Playlists (all the way down)


Please enjoy all you beatifull and desperate souls

best regards Roman.




After one song in shuffle mode my device stop playing music on my ps4. Can someone help to fix this ?