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For premium members create the spotify app for all of the smart TV's and allow us to listen to music and preferably watch music videos wirelessly through our TVs! There is currently a tunein radio app, and a Pandora app available for my TV. A spotify application would be amazing! 


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Updated: 2015-09-16

Hey folks, we're marking this as Implemented since Spotify is available on VIZIO’s new 2014 E-Series and M-Series Smart TVs with VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and can be found under the “Featured” or “All Apps” tab. Click here to see the availability of Spotify by VIZIO device.

Spotify is available on VIZIO Smart TVs in the US.

Status changed to: Implemented

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Please, please, please, PLEASE!

Very much would like to see that. Had to setup my girlfriend with Pandora because there wasn't a Spotify Vizio app for her new TV. We otherwise like to share Spotify playlists.
Status changed to: Implemented

We need an ap for the Pannasonic Smart Viera TV


My Pannasonic smart TV has an ap for Pandora and several other music aps -- is there an ap that works with Pannasonic Smart Viera Connect?


I too would love to see this possible for Vizio TVs. I understand the issue of developing for every TV brand, but this would be so cool and would really give me more bang for my buck in terms of my subscription(seeing that all my devices has it now my TV is the last one now)


None of my devices (Wii, Yamaha Receiver, Vizio TV, AppleTV) have Spotify, so I'd love it if Spotify would port their app to Vizio.


I've look into what it takes to build a vizio app and I'm going to try to make one myself. It's actually pretty easy. The hardest part is using the spotify api.


Yes! I'm also a premium member and would be extremely happy to see an app for the Vizio Smart TVs!