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[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2021-11-16

Hi everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Ideas Exchange, and sharing your votes and comments.


We’re pleased to confirm that all users now have the option to block another user on Spotify. With this update, you can actively block another user across desktop and mobile devices, preventing them from being able to see listening activity, public playlists, or view profile pages.


Here’s how it works:

  • When visiting another user’s profile, click on the   (...) button.
  • Select “Block” (or “Block User” on mobile) to block the user whose profile you are viewing.
  • This user will now be blocked and cannot access your page, public playlists or view your listening activity.
  • To unblock a user, click the Unblock option in the same menu.

We're always working hard to provide the best possible Spotify experience in a safe environment.

Please see here for more information.

Can't wait for this to happen!

Crazy that this isn't already a feature. Don't know how long it will take Spotify to change it, but I don't plan on paying for premium again until they do.


Is this happening soon or what?


This is a very urgent matter for me. I have a restraining order and alarms issued by the police for protection from a to me very dangerous man. He follows me on Spotify and I want to be able to block him ... it's insane to not be able to block a person and very dangerous for us who have problems with crazy stalkers.


Still no new update 😞


Can we have a time frame (well if you don't ask...)

It's been two weeks and even though I was relieved reading the message, I would also like to know when this will be possible! Until then I still have a problem!

This is a good idea.





Come on this is not a very crazy dev to do. A and B are in the same region, marketwise they are equal segmentation -ie access to regional music network . However restrictions are that A doesn't want B as a follower. Therefore selection must be based on an exclusion list with privacy setting such as: View all, some, none (blocked). Some is previous links.... until whatsoever comes on the way (delete permalinks).


This has been an on-going subject for the last year, if not raised  in 2010.  TTM is 3 months. Not 3 Years !!


Can you please re-add the blocking feature. It seems strange that this is not being resolved when it has been availible on past updates.

I have an ex who follows me and although he can only see what listening to, and you may not think that is a big deal, he also knows what i'm doing and even at some points where I am from seeing my tracks come up on his live feed.


I have spotify mobile, so when i listen to it on my way home from work he sees it and knows what i am doing. He knows what time i finish work and actually told me when we were still speaking that he has used it to bump into me.


I also use it on my home computer and so if it is on for a few hours, he'll know where I am. He'll know by what music I am listening to, or what playlists I am playing who I might be with or what mood i'm in.


Now we don't speak (to say the least) and if i am honest, the idea of him being able to work out where I am scares me. He is an agressive person and I don't want to be home alone or walking back late at night and have to worry about whether or not becuase i'm listening to Spotify, I'm going to run into him.

You may think this is dramatic, but i think if Spotify wants to be held in regard with the other big social networking sites, it has the same heavy responsibility to its users as they do. Security settings are there for a reason.


If i'm listening to 'Rockaby Baby: Lullaby Renditions of The Cure' he knows my daughter is with me. Please help.

Its been 3 month you promise this.

Please make it happend