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[Social] Friendship Playlists

Alright listen up, you are meeting someone for the first time or carpooling or you met a friend of a friend and how do you get to know them best? Through their music taste. In fact, you really want to be jamming out with them but you just don’t know what songs they like and you really don’t want that awkward silence when you know a song and they’re like.........uh......... I don’t know the words. What’s the solution you ask? A friendship playlist. You would find your friend on spotify and there would be a button next to their name that says “friendship playlist” which would automatically create a collaborative playlist consisting of all the songs you have both put on your playlists, 100% guaranteed bangin’ time while you both sing along to the songs that you both know!

Updated on 2021-10-16

Hi everyone!


We're happy to announce that this feature has now been implemented.


You now have the option to invite a friend to join a Blend playlist which will include songs you both enjoy 🙂


For more information be sure to check out the Newsroom blog and our FAQ


Happy listening 🎶

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Casual Listener

There is something in Spotify called Blend, which lets you send a link to someone and Spotify creates a Playlist of 50 songs that both of you should like. It's under Search -> Made for you -> Blend. It's still in Beta so idk if this is availible to everyone or just people that are in the beta program. But I still agree that a way to merge playlists or create a Blend without having to leave Spotify to send a link would be nice.


This is actually genius! 


This is a great idea and you are a genius


I love the idea and have wanted something similar for a while.


Here's a similar feature someone proposed that would be more of a general solution. It could work as described above or it could be even smarter and find songs that fit both users' taste profiles but may not be in both of their playlists. That way two people with overlapping tastes but not overlapping playlists (maybe one person just doesn't create playlists at all...) can still use the feature.


That sounds so dope!



I think it's a great idea


 I LOVE THIS. a great way to find common interests too! definitely would like to see some mutual songs saved, etc.


I like this idea. Spotify should be able to use its existing algorithms to take songs you've both added to playlists and put them into a new playlist or set of playlists with similar styles of music (if any). 

This would be ace for finding out what music you both have in common. Call it "Playlist Matching."


 "'Friendship playlist' which would automatically create a collaborative playlist consisting of all the songs you have both put on your playlists." I think it should rather add songs that Spotify has noticed you have listened to most over X amount of time (top listens of the past 6 months or something). That sounds better and simpler to me. Great idea!


This is SUCH a genius idea...this whole time I've been out here making different playlists for different friends when Im with them but I obviously can't do that for people I dont know very well so this would save SO much awkwardness when carpooling!! Hope this happens


Brilliant idea - could even work with the suggestions bit to suggest songs you are both likely to like like the suggestions you get at the bottom of playlists once they have played,  once those matches have run out!