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[Social] Instagram Share Option

The idea is to be able to share a little piece of the song you are listening. Using the app interface as the image or anyting that your team comes up with. You see, many people do this using their cameras or taking prints of the app. Being able to share a piece of the music in a good quality would be awsome! (and would be a great marketing campaing for those instagram users that dont use spotfy!) 

If you have any thing to say please contact me as well, love your work guys! 

  -Iannes Patrus

Updated on 2018-05-11

Thanks to Spotify’s new integration with Instagram and Facebook, it’s now easier to share what you’re listening to at any point in the day.

Through Spotify’s new share to Instagram Stories feature, you can now easily post whatever you’re listening to on Spotify to your Instagram Story or to friends via Instagram Direct. When listening to a song on Spotify, simply tap Instagram Stories from the “share” menu, and the app will unlock custom cover art stickers for every song, album, playlist, or artist on Spotify. 

For more info read here.unnamed (9).png




Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2017-06-17

Marked as new idea.


Yes, this is a feature I've been waiting for! I can't believe there isn't 50 votes for it yet...


Is a good idea share IN Instagram !!! 


If this happens I finaly  will use insta/spotify as a music blog. 


i would love this so much, think about alot too


good addition


 Hi I definitely like this idea, I would love to share my songs on Instagram easily. Please take this Idea seriously 


There is a way for iphone users, the screenrecorder also records audio (inwards) so entering spotify and playing your song while recording your screen gives you a videoclip of coverart and audio. 


Please do this!!! 


Yes pleeeaaasseee!