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[Social] One Phone Everyones Songs (Shared public Queue)

My idea came when I was sick of handing my friends my phone or the aux cable everytime they want to out on a song.Why have a DJ at your house party when you could have your phone hooked up and people around you could put in song request through their spotify on their phones. You could set it to a certain radius or just make a group. You could limit types of music or the amount of times a song or artist can play. That's my idea

Updated on 2021-04-27

Hey folks,


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.


We're marking this as implemented. With our Group Session you can listen together on one device while your friends add songs to the queue from their own devices - head here for more info.


Happy listening 🎶


This would such an amazing feature! Not only would it be great for parties and hangouts, but marketing-wise, it would bring a ton of people towards Spotify and away from competitors. I have been yearning for this feature for a long time, and I was pleased to see it was already on here. Please make this happen!


Love the idea to find a fix coz it gets so annoying when this happens lol


I think I'd rather have chatrooms with user submitted songs kinda like and had. I mean even a way to vote on a list of songs the computer picks would be nice. I want a chatroom though, this site lacks social chatting which would make it way better.


I had a similar idea but as a stand-alone application that uses the Spotify API, I’ve posted design ideas and mockups on here, take a look and see if there’s any advances on these. This might be a project which becomes more than just designs in the future as there seems to be a lot of interest in this idea.



Hey guys, so I stumbled upon this project by Jose M. Perez (developper with Spotify) : C - Collaborative listening on Spotify. It's quite basic and nothing close to Mmmarkyb's design in terms of esthetics, but it can be a solid base for developpers out there wanting to do an app out of it. (For now, there can only be one "listenning room", or you can deploy the app for yourself).

Github repo here ; Medium post here.


I love the idea, but I agree with Mmmarkyb that it should be a third-party app. Spotify already has collaborative playlists for the most basic cases, let's not cripple the Spotify app with too many features ^^






They already have this its called collaborative playlist 


This needs to become a thing. I've wanted this for years and just expected Spotify would eventually do this but haven't.  Please do it


Could you not do this already by creating a new collaborative  public playlist and having other spotify users adding tracks to that playlist from their devices? I'll have to give it a try.