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[Social] One Phone Everyones Songs (Shared public Queue)

My idea came when I was sick of handing my friends my phone or the aux cable everytime they want to out on a song.Why have a DJ at your house party when you could have your phone hooked up and people around you could put in song request through their spotify on their phones. You could set it to a certain radius or just make a group. You could limit types of music or the amount of times a song or artist can play. That's my idea

Updated on 2021-04-27

Hey folks,


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.


We're marking this as implemented. With our Group Session you can listen together on one device while your friends add songs to the queue from their own devices - head here for more info.


Happy listening 🎶

No ZENINH0! A collaborative playlist is certainly not a novel idea on this
thread, and it's still not the answer! How many times will people suggest
that? The live queue is specifically meant to be spontaneous (rather than
creating a collaborative playlist beforehand) and with people who you may
not be connected with already on Spotify (which is the purpose of a
collaborative playlist).

Collaborative playlist is NOT what people want or need here.


I had the same idea!! You make a public queue and be termed "DJ" and then as DJ you can allow other spotify accounts access to the queue.  Then once granted access, anyone can add songs the queue and the DJ controls the skipping and queue controls.  (Maybe even the current song can be simultaneously broadcasted to all phones so you can sync speakers or something like that) but it would be perfect for low key stuff so you don't have to pass aux cables or switch bluetooth.  Would be great for parties where anyone can easy make suggestions and even dances too!!


Still crossing my fingers for this one ^_^


Would literally solve so many issues


A spotify request option would increase the social aspect of it. I had this same idea the other day and it would be perfect. Almost like using Airdrop on iPhone where a person (DJ) can accept or decline your request for a song to be added to the queue. 


Hope this gets added as a feature soon. What’s the deal? What do we need to make this happen?



My vision:

  • Create a "Collaborative Playlist" and launch it (This is already working)
  • Then you can limit to allow only some friends to post
  • Friends add their wishes to the queue
    • Either it is full-open, and friends submissions are added automatically (Current mode for Collaborative)
    • Or it is "under confirmation", and you can validate/refuse the addition (swipe on mobile)

In bold, what needs to be done


This is a great idea I’ve thought about several times. I’ve handled it by using Spotify connect with my iPad. Not the same but at least I don’t have to use cables. I still have to pass around my phone though. 😳


This is exactly what I was going to post... iTunes came out with this years and years ago! We use a wireless speaker in our team's part of the office combined with an office iPad. It would be great if we could add songs to the queue from our own Spotify accounts rather than always having to ask somebody else for the iPad or asking them add the song..


Fingers crossed this gets implemented finally..!


I would love for this to be integrated into the Spotify App, but for now you can use this:


Works pretty much the same as your description and I think it should be pretty good. Alternatively you can set up a collaborative playlist and add songs in the order you want to play them.