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[Social] One Phone Everyones Songs (Shared public Queue)

My idea came when I was sick of handing my friends my phone or the aux cable everytime they want to out on a song.Why have a DJ at your house party when you could have your phone hooked up and people around you could put in song request through their spotify on their phones. You could set it to a certain radius or just make a group. You could limit types of music or the amount of times a song or artist can play. That's my idea

Updated on 2021-04-27

Hey folks,


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.


We're marking this as implemented. With our Group Session you can listen together on one device while your friends add songs to the queue from their own devices - head here for more info.


Happy listening 🎶

Everyone keeps saying a collaborative playlist is the same thing. But it's

Do it through Sonos

Thank you some understands it.

Yes please! Had so many gatherings with friends were this would’ve been awesome! 



Hey everyone!

I was inspired by this thread and had the pleasure of speaking with the author of the thread.He was incredibly helpful in identifying what the pains were. Building on this, I'd like to share Spotify Jamroom with all of you. You can check out the full post for Spotify Jamroom.

Feedback is always welcome!

isn't this just collaborative playlist with extra steps?



I've been thinking about something like that a lot.

Problem is that we all have friends that simply don't know how to play songs for people. I mean, let's say we are hanging out, listening to some funny and epic songs. Suddenly, someone puts that song that played in a very sad movie hahahahahaha  

I don't know, it may be interesting to have an admin for a playlist. If someone tries to screw it up, the admin will put in order again.

Just some thoughts


i've been looking for this feature through apps and years!


Like this! I hate someone skipping all the songs, so I think only the person that added the song to the queue should be able to skip the song. This would prevent a lot of fights on a party!


I see  where you’re going. As someone suggested perhaps some kind of roles for collaborative playlist eould help. Some could only add and others could also sort. Something like that. Formthe time I think the work around is to make a collaborative playlist for each gig and the only thing a dj has to do is sort them and play them. Still depending on a DJ though.