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[Social] One Phone Everyones Songs (Shared public Queue)

My idea came when I was sick of handing my friends my phone or the aux cable everytime they want to out on a song.Why have a DJ at your house party when you could have your phone hooked up and people around you could put in song request through their spotify on their phones. You could set it to a certain radius or just make a group. You could limit types of music or the amount of times a song or artist can play. That's my idea

Updated on 2021-04-27

Hey folks,


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.


We're marking this as implemented. With our Group Session you can listen together on one device while your friends add songs to the queue from their own devices - head here for more info.


Happy listening 🎶


Already available using the collaborative playlists.

  1. Make a new playlist on your account.
  2. Select “Make Collaborative” and share with your friend(s)
  3. They add the playlist to there account.
  4. Select Play on the master device and the other user can add songs to the playlist and all the songs will play

  Hey Presto !

Playlists do not get refreshed automatically on the master device. At least it was like this last time I checked. So songs added to the list once playback has started wont be played unless you go to playlists-> your playlist and start it all over

That's such a great idea. There are so many possibilities to use this feature.

And there is not so much to it.

I can imagine something like a collaborative playlist but made more like a more fluid queue.

The feature could kind of copy public "Snapchat Stories" with the difference that you could post a song to the queue.


Social features, in general,  are something that has to to be worked on a lot.


I love this idea I was going to submit one like this but found found you had already done it for me. Spotify needs to make this happen it would be good for road trips and house parties or even just chilling.

This would be cool. Current workaround is to cast YouTube to a Chromecast and queue music videos there.




Note you could also just make a collaborative playlist and share the link with your friends.

Its not the same. If you add a new song to a collaborative playlist, the "Playing Device" needs to stop, reload the playlist and start playback all over again. Now try that during a party... its pretty annoying. Instead having a collaborative PROPER queue, would just make this happen without any user interaction. 🙂 That's the idea being proposed here.


I need a use like this in my Car. 


My wife and I use Spotify Family, but most of the time are both logged in on the same account - that way, when using Apple CarPlay, she can control the music on her phone whilst mine is plugged in. 


It would be amazing if we could have a shared queue of some sort where our accounts could be separate and she could add songs to the queue whilst we're driving 😊