[Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"

There ought to be a feature where I can click on a friend and listen in real time to whatever they're listening to, not just their playlist. If they change songs, my Spotify changes with them. 


With this feature, a person could remotely DJ if they wanted, or you could just know that you and a friend are hearing the same thing at the same time. 

Updated on 2020-08-04

Hi everyone!


We're happy to announce that this feature has now been implemented.


You now have the option to join a remote Group Session with all your friends and enjoy the same tracks simultaneously no matter how many miles apart you might be.


For more information be sure to check out our Newsroom article and our Support site page


Defs need to happen!





There's an undesirable who plays the music in the office - for the other 90% who doesn't want his music, we want to put our headphones on and listen to a simultaneous playlist - maybe vote on a DJ - or rotate option.


Casual Listener

This idea has been going since 2012. Can you please hurry up and get onto this Spotify. 


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2019-12-02

Hi folks, while this isn't widely available yet we're going to keep this as is for now.

We'll be back when we have more information for you.

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I have been a premium user for many years and have brought many people to Spotify, including all my family with whom I would like to share what I hear in real time.


I am disappointed by the policy adopted by Spotify that is inattentive to such simple and trivial requests from users.

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Please Spotify reconsider your position on this one. If you implemented this feature it could be a huge growth generator for new users.

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If I worked at Spotify and were concerned about Apple Music's growing market share, I would lean into the social functionality of Spotify as a key point of difference! 


This needs to be a thing 


I can’t wait for silent DJ & other sync / DJ options... man, I may buy stock if I see that feature finally coming out!


How cool would it be if you could follow your favourite sportsmen and tune into what they are listening to on game day?