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Sort and filter tracks inside a playlist (iOS)

Previously, community member @ kelvin0mql submitted the idea for an improved search feature on mobile.


While we're happy to announce the we've imlemented the ability to search tracks you've already synced on the Android platform, we haven't quite implemented the feature for iOS.


Please add your kudos to this idea if you'd like to see this implemented. 





Hey folks,

We're happy to say users can now sort and filter songs in their playlists on iOS devices. Just open your playlist and scroll to the top of the screen. There you will see the 'Filter' search bar and the option to sort just to the right. Thanks for your feedback everyone!






Status changed to: Under Consideration

Any basic media player features this. Really needs to be included to the iOS app.

I hope this gets noticed quickly, my playlists are starting to get cluttered and it's getting difficult to find a specific song in the playlist especially while I'm driving.
I SERIOUSLY doubt that a major player like Spoify can't find A SINGLE app dev that can't implement a simple search/sort function. This is the most basic feature and I guarantee you're losing people to MOG & Google Play because of it.

Fo me, especially sorting by "added" is a must have. I want the new songs on the top of my playlist so I don't need to scroll all the way down.
So +1 here!


I would love if the shuffle function changed on mobile apps, so that it works the same way as it does on the PC, where it shuffles all songs into the queue. The way the mobile apps shuffle seems to function now is that it picks a random song everytime, very often i experience never hearing some songs, and some songs come quite often 😞


I was taken aback a bit to learn this evening that neither sorting A-Z by artist or title nor (more importantly) by recently added tracks is an option on the iOS version. I had laboured under the preconception that Spotify for Android is a poor man's Spotify for iOS. Hmm, not impressed.


How is this under consideration for iOS and its been implemented for Android. This is a must have feature. Especially when you have a large library of songs. Its impossible to find the song you are looking for without hitting "next" a few hundred times.


I wouldn't think this is that hard to bring to the iPhone app, especially since it is part of the iOS app, just the iPad version. Yes, the iPad app already has this feature! Next to the filter search box in playlists, you can already tap a sort button to sort the playlist in various ways. 


Still don't even really get how this isn't a thing yet when it is on Android. Any playlist over 40 songs or so starts to get really annoying. The playlist I listen to most is 1,180 tracks, and while it's awesome to put on shuffle and listen to songs I haven't heard in a few weeks, it takes me forever to find any specific song I want to listen to, to the point where I just search the track instead, but then it's annoying to get back to the playlist screen from the search area, and in the meantime while your song is over some other song will come on from the search screen.


I know it sounds like I'm complaining about "minor annoyances," but at a certain point I've come to be so satisfied with Spotify in so many other ways, I don't think it's unfair to hold them to a high standard.