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Sort and filter tracks inside a playlist (iOS)

Previously, community member @ kelvin0mql submitted the idea for an improved search feature on mobile.


While we're happy to announce the we've imlemented the ability to search tracks you've already synced on the Android platform, we haven't quite implemented the feature for iOS.


Please add your kudos to this idea if you'd like to see this implemented. 





Hey folks,

We're happy to say users can now sort and filter songs in their playlists on iOS devices. Just open your playlist and scroll to the top of the screen. There you will see the 'Filter' search bar and the option to sort just to the right. Thanks for your feedback everyone!







Not having the mobile App functioning with basic features like sorting songs, really spoils the whole experience of Spotify. And being a paid service, it is more frustrating than ever.

I would suggest also being able to filter songs within a playlist by genre or year. That would be amazing. Thanks. 




I agree, this is a really annoying feature not to have and should have been implemented 5 years ago when I first started using Spotify on IOS. For all other users who want to sort their playlist at least in some way in the mean time, below is a workaround. It's probably posted somewhere else but I it's what I figured out: (Requires use of PC version of Spotify)


From your PC sort the playlist how you want (i.e. by artist, song name, etc) then select all of your songs (CTRL+A), then cut them so it copies them out of the Spotify playlist (CTRL+X) then paste them back in to the playlist (CTRL+V). This will then re-sync the songs to your phone in that same order (it doesn't need to download them again and you may need to restart your phone app), sure it's not great but better than nothing. Please note, you will lose the time "Added" as part of this.


Spotify, please add the search and sort function as soon as you can! 🙂


Zelxos' is a useful workaround but you're losing your record of the date & time that you originally added these tracks to the playlist, as once pasted all tracks in the playlist then show the same time 'Added'.


Users shouldn't have to forego a history/record of when tracks are added simply in the name of sorting tracks as preferred. Having this ability is a basic archival requirement for any collection.


As everyone is saying here, this should be made available on iOS ASAP.


Absolutely a basic feature. I will say its helping me remember the order of albums better. Maybe hide it away in a pull down scroll (refresh like bounce) so it you can still see the playlist content right away and keep that somewhat nostalgiac feel of non-immeadiate satisfaction so your mentally on the music by album mindset. Creates a good balance.


This is such a keystone feature. Without this feature, why would I ever switch from free Pandora? With this feature, I'd be a Spotify premium member for LIFE.


This is such low hanging fruit guys. Data is meant to be sorted and filtered by any available column. Let's bring the Spotify iOS app into 1995! I realize making a decent Radio feature probably requires scientists and stuff, so it's understandable that the Radio feature is a joke. But this feature only requires a first year CS student. Just get an intern please, they will do it for free in about 27 minutes. Then after 6 more months of bureaucracy maybe it can get implemented.


In protest, I am going to listen to AM radio in my car until this is implemented.


Just want to echo all the sentiments about the lack of sorting features available for mobile iOS. I just recently subscribed to Spotify premium and so far I have enjoyed the mobile app, which is really the only reason I subscribe. However, the inability to search or organize tracks within a playlist is very frustrating. Trying to find a specific song by scrolling up and down hundreds of tracks is annoying to say the least, time consuming and takes a lot of the fun out of listening to your music. I would just like to be able to alphabetize by artist in a playlist. How long have Droid users been able to sort/organize on mobile apps? Guess there is not enough iOS users out there (note the sarcasm). Please fix!


It's really annoying that you can't sort your playlist in an alphabetical order. The app should sort it this way automatically or give the user the option to sort it!! 


Please implement this ASAP. In the most recent OS updates I've noticed that spotify has gone in the opposite direction by disabling the search function when in offline mode. The recent changes to the search function have also meant that when I am searching in online mode I am now no longer able to distinguish between new tracks and tracks that are already synced to my device which has resulted in me using up more data.


sort this out before any new features imo, maybe someone from the dev team could shed some light on the problem with implementing it? could be some developers within the comunity that could have a solution 

I can't remember how many times I have considered canceling my subscription due to not having that feature. It is so basic and is a feature in even the most basic music player applications. Please fix it.