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Sort and filter tracks inside a playlist (iOS)

Previously, community member @ kelvin0mql submitted the idea for an improved search feature on mobile.


While we're happy to announce the we've imlemented the ability to search tracks you've already synced on the Android platform, we haven't quite implemented the feature for iOS.


Please add your kudos to this idea if you'd like to see this implemented. 





Hey folks,

We're happy to say users can now sort and filter songs in their playlists on iOS devices. Just open your playlist and scroll to the top of the screen. There you will see the 'Filter' search bar and the option to sort just to the right. Thanks for your feedback everyone!






Not positive but I think it's a safe guess that your iOS users make up a HUGE part (if not the majority) of your paying user. Why are we ALWAYS the last ones to get features?!
I cancelled my Spotify account twice for this. I come back when this function is introduced for Iphone.
I hope you will implement te sort by date fumction on iphone. Deezer propose this function, And I am thinking of changing to Deezer

Just moved back to iPhone after 6 months on Android. Spotify on Android was soooo much better. You can have all your offline playlists at the top of the playlists, can sort A-Z. Just basic functionality which makes so much of a difference. Please sort it out Spotify ASAP, £9.99pm deserves the ability to sort playlists. I've had to delete the majority of my playlists as it took ages to find anything


As most people are, not complaining but - expecting, I too think there should have been an option for sorting on mobile apps from the start. But maybe you all forgot or didn't have time? 


Either way this feature is a must. Any customer of the mobile apps, on any OS, are on mobile for a reason, for functionality and mobility. We want to be able to pick a song in a rush and enjoy our listening time letting Spotify handle everything.


I'm an android, ipad and iphone user for Spotify. Agree with Nimjim69, Spotify is so much better for Android.

Sort and filter function is possible on ipad but not on iphone.

Is it different apps? Same version  0.9.3


I want to sort my Spotify playlists on my iPhone and desktop alphabetically. Not manually, one by one, but all at once like in iTunes and every other file organization program.


This is driving me insane. I cannot explain how badly I want you to implement a basic playlist sorting feature. The absence of this feature (now for many years) is mindboggling. I cannot find any of my older music. I cannot "browse" my playlists. It's awful. 


This is not just "one of many known additional features." This is fundamental. Please fix this. I cannot recommend Spotify to anyone anymore until you fix this. 



So frustrating that I can sort my playlists alphabetically on my Android tablet but not on my iPhone which is the main device I listen on! Surely it can't be that hard to fix?

Why is Spotify development so slow?  I've been waiting for this for months now.

Why is this still not implemented, it's such a **bleep**ing simple basic feature for **bleep**s sake.