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Sort and filter tracks inside a playlist (iOS)

Previously, community member @ kelvin0mql submitted the idea for an improved search feature on mobile.


While we're happy to announce the we've imlemented the ability to search tracks you've already synced on the Android platform, we haven't quite implemented the feature for iOS.


Please add your kudos to this idea if you'd like to see this implemented. 





Hey folks,

We're happy to say users can now sort and filter songs in their playlists on iOS devices. Just open your playlist and scroll to the top of the screen. There you will see the 'Filter' search bar and the option to sort just to the right. Thanks for your feedback everyone!







How about a ‘sort by duplicate’ option? Should cover off any other suggestions for people wanting to remove duplicates?


The default for mobile should show the same order as desktop. Playlists are created on desktop with a purposeful order most of the time. For instance, a playlist that shows the newest songs at the top. Mobile still defaults to the newest songs on the bottom. Having the filter is awesome, but it would be great if newest on top was the default.




It's been 5 years. Now fix it. When you delete the contents of the filter, the playlist should resume unfiltered. As it works now, searching (filtering, whatever) inside the playlist is a nuclear option to only play tracks that fit the filter criteria from then on.


I have been searching like a mad man for this feature, turns out it was there all along!


Why it isn't on Android?


And now it's gone again 😞


@Kostertjuh wrote:

I have been searching like a mad man for this feature, turns out it was there all along!

Wow, wanted this for ages without realising it was there on mobile - not at all obvious.  Think at least the sorted option would be more obvious on the screen.  Glad it's there though!


This has been driving me crazy - thank you!


The button to filter this isnt clickable on an Iphone X, which i would imagine is a large portion of mobile traffic.  PLEASE HELP! this would be very useful. spotify-filter.jpg