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Sort and filter tracks inside a playlist (iOS)

Previously, community member @ kelvin0mql submitted the idea for an improved search feature on mobile.


While we're happy to announce the we've imlemented the ability to search tracks you've already synced on the Android platform, we haven't quite implemented the feature for iOS.


Please add your kudos to this idea if you'd like to see this implemented. 





Hey folks,

We're happy to say users can now sort and filter songs in their playlists on iOS devices. Just open your playlist and scroll to the top of the screen. There you will see the 'Filter' search bar and the option to sort just to the right. Thanks for your feedback everyone!







Why do I pay for premium when Spotify can't provide a simple basic feature? I think if this doesn't get fixed soon most of us will be switching. The complaints been going on for years come on.


This is a very important feature. My suggestion on how to implement this would be by redesigning the "Shuffle Play" button. Instead of "Shuffle Play", it should say just "Play" with a dropdown control next to it (or bellow) called "Sort by"  with the options "Shuffle", "Date", "Song", "Artist" and "Album". Of course the most important feature would be to be able to sort by ascending or descending order. It would be extremely important to keep those settings by playlist so when you come back to it, you don't have to select the preference again (unless you want to change it).


Still ignoring this issue, why? I really want to understand but I don't get it.


The way you guys are ignoring feedback and not providing info on developments you should be careful not to lose customers in the future. I happily pay for Spotify each month but as soon as the competitors catch up I'm gone! I am usually quite loyal to brands but for me its the opposite with Spotify.


PLEASE implement the ability to sort playlists on mobile, especially by date added.  I hate scrolling to the bottom but I love spotify.  Also please give an optoion to be able to set a default sorting for all playlists.


fikx this **bleep** ore else im changng to WIMP


hi, first of all, thanks for this great service, I really love it.
but pls pls pls .... we can at least get a response from your side about this "idea"?
this is so basic in all existing music player.
thanks in advance.


wow I can't believe this has been going on for a year and they still haven't added the feature. 


You still can not sort... Is this a joke?

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it


Hey everyone! Now you can filter your playlists on your iPhone in the latest release (1.4.1).


Just go to your playlist and scroll above the playlist artwork. You'll then see the new filter section.

photo (22).PNG







Ok now just implement sorting... And then this issue can be closed...