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Spotify In Canada

I would LOVE to see spotify in Canada, I have been using it via VPN, but sadly can't subscribe to it via credit card cause i'm under a canadian address, I know a bunch of people here would love to have access to Spotify!


Hello Canada. Spotify here. 

This week Canada become the fifty-eighth member of the Spotify family. From Vancouver to Montreal to St. John’s and everywhere in between, fans have immediate access to over 20 million songs at your fingertips

And a special occasion deserves a special playlist, O Canada!


This idea have more than 40 kudos, so why is the status still "new idea"?


I agree...the Deezer that I saw in Canada is not nearly as sophisticated nor as comprehensive...too pigeon holed... 

Spotify is a great program...we need this to be in Canada... how can we help this happen?


If anyone cares to try it, I found a seller on ebay selling yearly spotify premium subscriptions. I'm in Canada and he made me an account and I'm now happily using Spotify in CANADA!!


Please please please, be available in Canada... I've been using it when i arived here a month ago and i was about to pay for this service when suddenly this service just told me it was not possible to access within canada... i'm so sad for all the good sound i used to carrying with me everywhere... it's been terrible really. Are you guys going soon to fix that up ?


Spotify just have expended to 8 more countries last week but still not in Canada. What's going on? Are the Canadian music industry not letting them to enter?

Hi everyone


i'm Looking for a good music streeming, where i can uplaod my MP3 and sychronise everything with my Phone and my Sonos system.

every body told me Spotify is the best one but it's not avalaible in Canada right now.

i have 10 days before i finalize my choice.


- Spotify (if is avalaible in canada in 10 days) or let us know how many days before the avalaibility

- Deezer

- Rdio




if uploading your own MP3 files and synchronizing them with your phone is the most important feature, you should also check if the Amazon Cloud Player and service is available in Canada. Another radio streaming service in Canada (but neither MP3 uploading nor on-demand playing of albums and tracks) would be which offers many personalized radio stations besides scrobbling your listening history and creating all sorts of statistic data from it.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

I have friends in Canada and I want to be able to share music with them. Come on Spotify and Canada! Bring them their tunes!


I use rdio right now, only because Spotify is not here yet.. c`mon guys..