Spotify needs to support Android 3 (Honeycomb), Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich / ICS)

The limited number of supported Android handsets shown on the Spotify web pages is disappointing.


In addition, claiming to not support newer versions of Android, while still allowing it to show in the market is weak.


Many phones and tablets will be upgraded to Android 4 / ICS in the coming few months and your user base, many of which will be unable to stably use the mobile client, will be quick to complain and may start moving on.


This is copy of many previous threads over at GetSatisfaction, including this one here:


As many of you know, we released the new version of Spotify for Android to the Google Play Store yesterday complete with the following features:  


  • Top-to-bottom redesign
  • Support for Android 4.0
  • High Resolution Artist Images
  • 320kbps listening 
  • Crossfade
  • Gapless playback
  • scrobbling
  • Playlist folders
  • Play queue 
  • Home Screen Widget

I'm apprehensive to change this status to "implemented" seeing as it's technically the home for two ideas:


  1. Support for ICS devices
  2. Support for Honeycomb devices

Since Spotify works quite well on ICS devices, it should also work nicely on an Android tablet. However, claiming we now support tablets would be akin to saying we supported the iPad because the old iOS app worked on iPads. Its only fair to distinguish the two.


Given the recent launch of the new version of the Android app in Google Play, I'm electing to go ahead and update the status of this idea to "implemented". My recommendation would be for Honeycomb enthusiasts to add their vote to a new idea thread so we can collect votes, a.k.a. "Kudos" there. While you don't necessarily need to add your vote to this idea, I have found a preexisting one around this here:

Paying 10 euro's a month for Spotify mobile for offline mode and not able to use offline mode is very annoying. I ' ll cancel my subscription when there is no solution within 2 months.
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The same thing is happening to me. It was working, but no matter how many times I re-install the software or fully reset the program, it will not allow me to long on. 


Keeps repeating the same "data warning" message over and over again. About to drop this part of the service if I can't get this to work. :(


ICS Galaxy nexus hasn't worked since the phone came out.  Cancelled my premium service today, I've lost faith that they will be adding ICS support anytime soon.


I'm hanging on a little while longer. If no decent updates in 2 months, I'm done. Millions of people paying good money and there's NO SUPPORT FOR ANDROID? When was the last update? November? 


Please fix:

no resume function

Force closes


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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Had some problems on my Galaxy Nexus with Spotify saying space was low, but I've done a factory wipe recently and not had any issues with Spotify since..
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I've already cancelled, I'm not expecting miracles, just please tell us WHEN (I'm not shouting just emphasising) you're planning to fix this? 


I'm quite happy with Spotify, as I share across my 3 favorite devices;

- A Windows Computer (Actually 2 different machiens)

- An Andriod Phone (Actually 2 different HTC's; 1 for Work and another for Leisure)

- An Andriod Asus Transformer Tablet 101 (For anything ..)


The last one troubles quite a bit, it is extremely difficult to keep online - goes off line all the time, likely a device problem.


I find it hard to imagnine Spotfiy deciding to leave Android as a supported OS as indicated above??


Should that be the case, me and my DKK 99,-  a month is gone lost for Spotify!






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No one ever mentioned the possibility of Spotify leaving Android. There are two issues:

  • The seemingly slow turn around of any changes to the Android app and the fact that features have been developed for the app on other platforms that are missing for Android (general OS version support and things like playlist folders)
  • The complete lack of any communication plan from Spotify that would enable their staff meaningfully interact with the customers and give an indication of what the plans might be ... well, unless you call the repeated line "it's not supported, check our blog for updates" a communication plan

On the 23rd this month Spotify will talk about "The new Spotify Android app"


Why can't they give any feedback here?

Hmm... maybe it will be totally revolutionary and thats why they are keeping a lid on it? (probably not though) :)

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