Spotify on Denon receivers (as on Onkyo!)

Status: Implemented

Hi Spotifyers !

Spotify has become my new access to music. Bye CDs, MP3s, iPod, ... everything is now online 🙂

But (there's always one but), I'm planning to get a new audio receiver (Denon) and since I've seen that Spotify is on Onkyo, I would like to know if you plan to go on other receiver manufacturers? if yes, is this in a shortime? which manufacturers ?

The 2013 Denon receivers that feature Networking capabality will be getting native (that is, on the receiver and controlled by the receiver) Spotify support via a firmware update later this summer. As well, you can wirelessly stream Spotify from any airplay device that you may have to any Airplay enabled receiver.

Will it be available on the 2012 Denon receivers via firmware update?




Probably, although check signature point 2 🙂


Hey hey!


Spotify is now supported on some Denon receivers. Supported models are AVR-4520CI, AVR-3313CI, AVR-2313CI and AVR-2113CI, as well as the brand new VR-1913.


Find out a little more about this right here

Status changed to: Implemented

I am using Spotify on my Denon AVR 1913.  It worked fine until a couple o\f days ago.  Now whenever I try to do anything with Spotify I get a green screen and it takes a couple of tries at reconnecting to the network and sends me back to the Network page (where the other apps like Pandora and SiriusXM are).  This ONLY happens with Spotify, the others work fine.  I have tried power cycling the AVR and the router, did a firmware update on the AVR, notthing seems to help.  Was there some recent change on the Spotify server side?  This is really frustrating.

I've got this same bug like ratinthekitchen with my AVR-2113, its only few months old and started doing that greed screen thing with spotify now... really annoying.




I have the same issue as ratinthekitchen, using a Denon AVR X-1000. Works fine with everything except spotify (eventhough it worked well first day if I recall correctly). Once i go to network -> spotify -> and try to play a song it just gets stuck, loses signal, tries to reconnect and eventually winds up back to the network page. Sometimes it completely loses signal and I have to power on and off. Other applications such as internetradio and the likes work without any issues.