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Spotify on LG Smart TVs

Status: Implemented
by sdelavega on ‎2012-10-31 11:23 AM

Same as Samsung Smart TV app, but for LG Smart Tv's.


Can you reuse the source code? My premium subs is there ;)



Status: Implemented

Ask and you shall receive.

We're excited to announce that Spotify took yet another step into your living room! Spotify is now available on LG Smart TVs in more than 30 countries.

Getting Spotify on your LG Smart TV is easy: simply download the Spotify app to your internet-connected Smart TV, and then log in or create a new account. Click here for more info.

Enjoy the music!

by jorgeli
on ‎2012-09-30 06:34 PM
I am wondering when a app for lg smart tv is coming?
on ‎2012-09-30 08:23 PM

It all depends on how popular the smart TVs are. It would not be economical for spotify to develop applications for every single playform available. 

I can't see one coming in the near future, just not enough people have smart TVs and spotify already support a lot of available platforms. 

by sdelavega
on ‎2012-11-01 11:41 AM
by MarkAndrew
on ‎2012-11-19 08:34 PM

Please add spoifty on 42" LG Smart TV!  I've been telling everyone I know (and even others that I don't) how awesome Spotify is.  My TV is stupid without that app!

by GuyE
on ‎2012-11-28 04:11 AM

I just bought an LG Smart TV after the shop representative said that Spotify was available on both Samsung & LG - don't tell me there isn't an app for it yet?!

by alemoreno1982
on ‎2012-11-30 11:30 AM

Yes, if an app for Samsung Smart TV has been developed, I don't understand why an app for LG Smart TV is not avalaible yet.

by tharkun
‎2012-12-06 08:11 PM - edited ‎2012-12-06 08:12 PM

We are many people waiting for this app or a working web browser interface. Strange to support Samsung but not LG. Please consider developing the LG smart tv app as soon as possible.



by Patrick_Hermann
on ‎2012-12-16 10:39 AM

Hi guys, there are really a thousands of people waiting for spotify on LG Smart TVs! Please support LG!

by Dmumonkie
on ‎2012-12-19 01:49 PM

so disappointed there is no app yet!!! Must be thousands of people out there waiting for it. It's definitely on the Christmas wish list. Let's see a Spotify Santa come through for us.

by dannyhk
on ‎2012-12-23 06:43 PM

Spotify! All I want for xmas is an LG TV APP for Spotify. Pretty please!

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