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Starting a radio plays song you choose as base

It's annoying that when i get to a song i'm feeling, and i right click and go to "start radio" the radio plays a different song then the one i choose. It would be great if spotify just went right into the radio without skipping or even pausing the current song. Then after that played a new song that sounds similar.

Updated: 2015-04-13

Hey guys, we're happy to say this is implemented for Premium users on any device, and Free users using a desktop or tablet. 

Free users on mobile devices can shuffle songs and start radio stations, streaming on demand is still a Premium-only feature

Thanks for all your feedback!



I like this idea as well. I can use "Choose as current playlist" to achieve a similar result for playlists. I will still hear my current song and any queued songs. I often choose not to use the radio feature simply because I would have to stop listening to the current song.


Starting a radio based on the current song, without stopping its playback but merely enqueuing new tracks


This feature drives me insane, I can't believe it is defaulted to act this. Why would anyone want to go to the effort to find a song they love, put it on, then want to hear songs like it at the expense of unceremoniously skipping the song they love.


Please make "Start Radio" add a queue to after the song playing.



Really keen to see this. Just a setting will do it but maybe new right click menu item. 


Title says it all




Even better, play the radio from where the track is!


awesome. I've been wanting this from the very beginning!


I like Brooky's idea of having a setting. There are already a lot of context menu items.


No more love? this should be the default setting. Make it happen!!


Napster always used to have this facility before they got eaten by Rhapsody so it must be technically possible. I can't understand why it wasn't built like this in the first place. Who would want to interrupt a favourite track to switch on the radio function?