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by chopztix ‎2012-02-15 04:04 PM - edited ‎2012-02-15 04:43 PM

I know for a fact that myself and a lot of people I know would love a feature that lets you subscribe to an artist or a group, immediately letting one know when a new album/track has been released.

Status: Implemented


We're happy to announce that you are able now to follow artists in Spotify!

Just go to an artist's page in Spotify and click "follow" under the artists name at the top of the page. You'll receive a notification update in Spotify when tracks are added to the artists profile.

Read more about it here:


by Tim
on ‎2012-02-15 04:20 PM

Check out FreshSpotify...

by schneiderareed
on ‎2012-02-15 04:42 PM

This is a genius move Spotify.  


I'll be waiting for New Release Feed.  

by chopztix
on ‎2012-02-15 04:42 PM

Cool, thanks. Still needs to be implemented in Spotify, though. Something like the notification-system that Facebook has, that some others have already mentioned on this site.

by chris__
on ‎2012-02-15 11:03 PM

This is  maybe not what you are searching for, but we have a way that you can follow your favorite music artist directly in spotify @ 

by David
on ‎2012-02-17 03:18 PM

I think I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I'll say it again.


I imagine something like this would be to have a notifcation number next to Artist / Playlist, informing you that new tracks have been added. Almost like a Skype system where the number on the left hand side tells you that there is a new message waiting for you. 


This has been mentioned as an idea before - I'll put it forward again. 

by bradavon
on ‎2012-02-17 07:10 PM

I use Fresh Spotify too but I'd prefer Spotify did it too.

by gs
on ‎2012-02-19 12:19 PM

Anyone knows how freshspotify is built? How do they get the new releases by date?

I miss the old google doc with updates that made it possible to build mashups with and other music sites.

by bradavon
on ‎2012-02-19 08:50 PM

@ GS: It says here:


The guy who runs it Richard Keen is a nice guy. It broke at one point. I e-mailed him and he was right on it fixing it. I also managed to create two accounts under two e-mail addresses and quickly deleted one for me.

by Jipem
on ‎2012-02-22 10:20 PM

As the selection of album, it would be nice to select an artist. This would add a new page "Selected Artists" and warn us of the output of one of his new album on Spotify.

by rrkelley
on ‎2012-02-22 10:56 PM
I'd love this feature baked into spotify also. It's cool using a 3rd party site, but integrating it into the core functionality would be awesome.
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