Subscribe to Artists

I know for a fact that myself and a lot of people I know would love a feature that lets you subscribe to an artist or a group, immediately letting one know when a new album/track has been released.


We're happy to announce that you are able now to follow artists in Spotify!

Just go to an artist's page in Spotify and click "follow" under the artists name at the top of the page. You'll receive a notification update in Spotify when tracks are added to the artists profile.

Read more about it here:


Hello Community..Please check out Rnb Soul Singer Phatsoul and follow

hello i subscire to a lot of artist but i never receive push or email about new album and concert , it s normal ?


thanks for your help


The notifications are not reliable. Noticed the big add on your front page regarfing Volbeat new album, but never got the notification. Got some notificications from other bands so what ever you do on the bakcground is not working correctly. I'm also missing the bell sign in desktop client to check the news when I'm using spotify instead of getting the info to my phone/email while not able to listen. Sorry to say but taking the bell from the client must have been some kind of brainfart on you behalf 😞


Hello, when is it going to be fixed? I never get any notifications about new albums. I'm subscribed to many artists.


I came on a Burgerking site when trying to visit! Any alternatives other than freshspotify?


Thanks and Cheers!




I'm from Turkey. And I follow "Radical Noise" band. But I didn't find albums on spotify. Please add to spotify. 


How come I don't get notification when new tracks/album are uploaded for an artist that I am following?


Would be really nice to have this feature in Carplay. I often listen to discover weekly or releases lists while driving. Have no way, other than a failing memory to them go and listen to more of their stuff. I know there are some restrictions on carplay but surely if it were just hitting one button that could not be considered unduly distracting. 


Another app where is extremely difficult to do is the Samsung TV app. 


Discovering new artists is perhaps your strongest selling point so think this is something worth you investing in. 


Will this feature notify you also if that artist is featured on a track? 


I think notifications doesn't work when former albums were disables the re-enabled.

A few month ago I asked for some albums to be re-enabled and I just (luckily) discovered they were back...

getting some notification would have been nice.