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Subscribe to Artists

I know for a fact that myself and a lot of people I know would love a feature that lets you subscribe to an artist or a group, immediately letting one know when a new album/track has been released.


We're happy to announce that you are able now to follow artists in Spotify!

Just go to an artist's page in Spotify and click "follow" under the artists name at the top of the page. You'll receive a notification update in Spotify when tracks are added to the artists profile.

Read more about it here:


No Simple Favorite Artist function?

Why there is no option to set an artist as Favorite.

I know i can set "star" to a song and album but then you have an epic long star list instead of an good overview.


On another streaming portal you can set favorites of artists, albums and songs separately.


Seperate lists like this would be much better i think



|    |-Disturbed

|    |-Nightwish

|    |-etc.



|    |-The Lost Children

|    |-Once

|    |-etc.



|    |-Hell

|    |-etc.


Spotify is very focussed on playlists which is great, but I would love to be able to "Star" an artist that I come across, which would then be listed on the sidebar so that I can browse my artists just like on iTunes if I actually owned the music.


I don't want to have to make playlists for every single artist that I like and I think it's quite limiting to have to constantly add songs to playlists to remember that I 'have' them.


This could be listed as Favourite Artists and could even be extended to Favourite Albums too. We need to be able to have access to the artists we listen to most often without having to do a search, I want to be able to view a list of the music that I like and not just have to work with playlists.


Great idea! In my opinion, you should be able to subscribe to not only artists, but to playlists and even users as well! Imagine a Subscription Center which managed all of your subscriptions: Has a user you subscribe to added a new public playlist? You'll know. Has a playlist you subscribe to been updated? You'll know. And of course, has an artist released a new single? You'll definitely know.


One can only dream. 


This is seriously open since two years? I can't believe that Spotify is not listening to this. 😞


I have my favorite artists - but no way how to manage them on my iPhone. With iTunes I just sync the artists I love - therefor no problem. But since Spotify has too many artist to brows through I would love to have lists of artists where I can then digg deeper to the albums. 


Please, please... please?


I'd instantly get a premium subscription as soon as we get a Favorite Artists section. Such a basic function and still not in the application..


Surely someone can develop a Spotify app for this... where are some new apps btw??


I'm very surprised this isn't an app already. Even more surprised Spotify hasn't added this functionality along with a slew of other features that have been desperately needed since the US launch. Subscribe to artists, an update on the Android app (hasn't seen a single update in over 6 months), and much more. Spotify has the funding so why aren't any updates being released?

Status changed to: Watch this space

The same function but for record labels is also needed.


Great! Looking forward to seeing it sometime soon!