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[Subscription] Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US

The free google home incentive is currently only available in the US for Family subscriptions of $14.99, i believe this should also be available in Europe / UK as we pay a higher cost for the same service (in UK spotify family works out to $19.40) with none of the benefits such as this.

Updated on 2019-03-21

Hey folks, 


Thanks for voting on this idea. 


The Google Home Mini offer is now currently available in the UK and France. If the offer becomes available in other countries, we'll let people know on 





I've order my Google Home Mini but been charged full price! 


The same for me than davie668, I ordered the Google mini but no discount, i was fully charged , how proceed to get reimboursed?


Hi. I have upgraded from sole account to family so we can all benefit, along with the Google home mini incentive. I couldn't see this had been added or sent to me. Could someone please help me. Thank you 


I have ordered my google mini and was meant to come today but due to delivery issues didn’t arrive I have spoken to google who won’t reorder it and told to speak to yourselves! I’m stuck on where to go now 


Soon in Belgium ?




Hi. I recently redeemed the offer of a Google Home Mini, free to Spotify Family account holders.

The Mini arrived, but I have been charged £49 for it.

I thought it was really free, as advertised.

How do I get a refund for this amount?

I would not have signed up if I knew I would be charged.



+1  for Canada please!


After paying for two premium accounts in Canada because family plan wasn't available for years (despite being promised), this feels like a bit of a slap in the face.  😞


@SpotifyCares pretty bogus that you cannot take advantage of this google home mini offer in Canada.  Been premium for a couple years and swtched to family.  Please fix this.  


Makes no sense that I pay more for a family membership and don't get the Google Home.