[Subscription] Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US

The free google home incentive is currently only available in the US for Family subscriptions of $14.99, i believe this should also be available in Europe / UK as we pay a higher cost for the same service (in UK spotify family works out to $19.40) with none of the benefits such as this.

Updated on 2019-03-21

Hey folks, 


Thanks for voting on this idea. 


The Google Home Mini offer is now currently available in the UK and France. If the offer becomes available in other countries, we'll let people know on 





Super disappointed this is available in Canada. 😞 

Pay just as a much as US subscripbers with less benifits. 


How about Canada? We're not as important as US, France and UK? 


Providing incentives like this and excluding loyal users is a great way to **bleep** off longtine subscribers - Canadian deserve better


The fact that I just upgraded to a family plan here in Canada and this offer is not available makes me want to cancel my subscription all together!! Unbelievable!! 


Reserved my google home mini and made the purchase. The terms said the promo code would be automatically provided at checkout, but never did. I'm based in Canada but I should've been notified it wasn't available in my country during the process. Some insight would be greatly apprecaited!

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DissapoiDisato say that it is made to be impossible to claim the Google Home Mini! I have been led to a link which airs me to register and thats where the trail ends!!!!!


Why can't you get it in Sweden Spotify started in Sweden right. So you should benefit the Sweden people.

Help needed please. Just upgraded to Family Premimum to get the google offer and then got this...
We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment.
Any ideas?

I just signed up for the family do i get a google home mini?? I'm in Canada


We in Sweden Would love to have some offers once in a while. Since the app is originally from Sweden so it feels unfair to be last in everything.